Revolutionary Reengineering

Introducing the Revology Mustang. Inside and out, it looks and feels like an original Mustang… Except that it is faster, safer, more reliable, more comfortable, more efficient, and better for the environment. Best of all, it is BRAND NEW! Revology gives you all the fun of owning a classic Mustang, without the hassle.


Driven to Perfection

Delivering improved performance, better handling, enhanced safety, modern comfort and convenience features and more isn’t as simple as bolting modern parts to a classic Mustang. All of the components must be designed to work together, in harmony, to ensure not only superior performance, but also real-world drivability, durability and safety. It takes a substantial commitment in time and engineering resources to make sure everything works the way it would in a modern car.


Built for the Next 50 Years

The original Mustang, introduced on April 17, 1964, was an instant sensation. Fifty years later, it still looks great. But technology has come a long way since then. That is why we designed the Revology Mustang with modern technology and features. This is a car that is fun to drive, reliable, and comfortable. Turn the key, feel that V8 rumble, put the top down, put it in gear, and go anywhere, anytime! And feel great knowing it is much more efficient, with lower emissions and more safety features than the original. The Revology Mustang is truly built for the NEXT 50 years!