The Revology Mustang comes standard with a New Vehicle Limited Warranty. We call it the “1-2-5” warranty; 1 year Bumper to Bumper, 2 years Powertrain, and 5 years Body.
Bumper to Bumper coverage lasts for one year. There is no mileage limit. The tire manufacturer provides a separate tire warranty that may extend beyond the New Vehicle Limited Warranty coverage.
Powertrain components are covered for two years, also with no mileage limit. This coverage applies to the engine (block, heads, fuel pump, powertrain control module, engine mounts, flywheel, manifolds, oil pan, oil pump, seals and gaskets, thermostat, timing chain, valve covers, water pump), transmission (clutch cover, seals and gaskets, torque converter, transmission case, transmission mounts), and rear end (axle shafts, bearings, axle housing, drive shaft, retainers, supports, seals and gaskets, and universal joints).
Body sheet metal panels are covered for an extended Corrosion Coverage Period, which lasts for five years, also with no mileage limit. The extended warranty coverage only applies if a body sheet metal panel becomes perforated due to corrosion during normal use* due to a manufacturing defect in factory-supplied materials or factory workmanship. There is no coverage for damage caused by airborne material (environmental fallout) where there is no factory-related defect involved.
*The Revology Mustang is not designed to be driven in extreme weather conditions, e.g. snow and ice, where salt is used.
Warranty work can be performed and many parts can be obtained at any participating Ford dealer. Other parts and technical support are available directly from Revology Cars, Inc.
For more information on the Revology Mustang warranty, please contact us at 800-974-4463 or via Contact Us