US Titling and Registration

In late 2015, new legislation was passed that will permit low volume automobile manufacturers to produce turn-key replica vehicles legal for sale in all 50 states. The legislation establishes a separate regulatory structure within the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for replica car manufacturers. Revology is already compliant with the new legislation, which requires that vehicles sold under the provision be equipped with modern, emissions-certified engines. For more information, visit SEMA’s website.
The individual states will continue to allow the registration of replica vehicles under their current state regulations. In most states this essentially requires the purchase of the rolling chassis, the engine, and the installation of the engine to be separate transactions. Information on the titling and registration process in different states can be found on the Specialty Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (SEMA) SEMA Action Network page at this link:

International Titling and Registration

Titling and registration requirements vary from country to country. Please contact us to determine the proper procedure for your country. Please contact us at +1-800-974-4463 or +1-407-757-2725 or click HERE. 日本人スタッフによる日本語での対応も可能です。お問い合わせはこちらへ。