March 2017

Revology announces new models, hints at growth plans

Amelia Island, FL – For the third straight year, Revology Cars, the Florida-based specialty automobile manufacturer, is presenting its newest models at the Amelia Island Concours.

In short order, Revology Cars has established itself as a leading builder of totally reengineered 1960s Ford Mustang and Shelby GTs, featuring modern technology and features to improve performance, reliability, drivability, and comfort. Revology vehicles start easily, idle smoothly, and don’t overheat, but most of all they are fun to drive, with twice the power of the original cars, and rack & pinion steering and four-wheel disc brakes to keep everything under control. The Revology Ford Mustangs and Shelby GTs combine the unmatched style and character of the original cars with modern technology and features to create a truly remarkable and unique driving experience.

In just two and one-half years, this Florida-based venture has grown from an idea into a real company with 14 full-time employees and clients in eight countries. Tom Scarpello, Revology’s founder and CEO, sees significant growth ahead. “We are expanding our capacity and developing new models,” said Scarpello. “We invested significant resources in the development of our 1964.5-1970 Mustang platform, and will leverage that investment by rolling out new versions over time”.

The platform approach taken by Revology is lifted from the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) playbook. The “platform” is the basic layout, or architecture, of a vehicle. The Revology Mustang platform features a double wishbone front suspension, 3 link rear suspension with torque arm and Panhard rod, power four-wheel disc brakes, power rack and pinion steering, a modern electrical system, and three powertrain options. The investment in a robust platform can be amortized over a low volume production run, to deliver the customer a fully developed, well-integrated vehicle, at a competitive price. “By far the largest investment involves making the car run and drive like a modern car. Making it look pretty is relatively easy,” said Scarpello.

Revology’s products appeal to Baby Boomers with an affinity for the iconic automobiles of their youth, yet prefer not to deal with the original vehicles’ shortcomings. “It looks like an original, but most of the functional parts in a Revology car were designed in CAD,” said Nathan Loucks, Revology’s product development manager. “The only things in common with the original are the look and sound. Under the skin, it is truly a modern car.”

Scarpello, who spent 17 years as an executive with Ford Motor Company and 7 years with Nissan Motor Limited, is open about his company’s liberal application of processes used by major automakers. “The way we develop and build cars is not that different from Ford, GM, or other automakers. I liken it to the difference between a Cessna 152 and a Gulfstream business jet. Although one is vastly more sophisticated, they both operate on the same basic principles.” For example, unlike a traditional restoration shop that works on many different types of vehicles simultaneously, Revology’s factory only builds reengineered Mustangs and features an assembly line layout to improve productivity and quality. Scarpello says that gives his team a huge competitive advantage. “When you build twenty 1966 Mustangs in a row, you get pretty good at it.”

Scarpello indicated the next model in the Revology Mustang portfolio will be the 1968 Mustang GT 2+2 Fastback. The ’68 Mustang GT is well known among Steve McQueen fans as the car he drove in the hit 1968 Warner Bros. movie Bullitt.
Added Scarpello, “Of course, it will be available in Highland Green, the same color as the car in the movie.”

Revology offers a growing lineup of iconic Ford Mustangs and Shelby GTs, including the 1966 Mustang GT convertible and 2+2 Fastback; 1966 Shelby GT350; 1967 Shelby GT500; and now the 1968 Mustang GT 2+2 Fastback. Complete information, including pricing, can be found on the Revology website at or by contacting Revology Cars directly at (800) 974-4463.

About Revology Cars
As the name implies, Revology focuses on automotive “re-engineering” and “evolution”. The concept behind the company is to bring a scientific approach to the redesign of classic automobiles, using modern components and manufacturing processes to improve their performance, reliability, durability, fuel economy, safety, comfort, and to reduce emissions, while retaining their essential character and style.

In addition to new reproduction automobiles, Revology offers component kits and parts. Revology Cars, Inc. is based in Orlando, Florida.

For further information contact Revology Cars at 800-974-4463 or