November 2019

Revology Cars weighs in on Ford’s Mach E Mustang

Ford’s launch of the Mustang Mach E is a “brilliant move” says Revology Cars CEO Tom Scarpello.

Revology Cars weighs in on Ford’s Mach E Mustang

“You have to get your head around the idea of a 4-door Mustang first,” say Scarpello, whose Orlando, Florida-based company is famed for building Ford licensed reproductions of original custom Mustangs. “But once you do, it makes sense.  Why not a crossover EV?  This is the ultimate combination of needs and wants in one car.”

“The Mustang brand is about performance and style at an accessible price point.  The brand is bigger than a 2-door coupe. To date, Mustang has delivered performance and style on par with cars twice the price.  The Mach E delivers that plus environmental friendliness and utility on par with EVs twice the price.  That is pure Mustang.”

While Scarpello admires the Mach E, he says Revology Cars has no plans to build electric powered Mustangs. “People often ask me if we will build a Revology EV,” says Scarpello.  “While I believe EVs are a great choice for most driving needs, Revology Mustangs are about the authentic re-creation of a very specific experience from a bygone era, and the distinctive roar of an internal combustion V8 is part of that.”   

Scarpello feels there is plenty of room for multiple members in the Mustang family, whether it is the state of the art Mach E EV, the exciting current line-up of internal combustion engine Mustang models from Ford, or Revology Car’s superbly engineered and produced reproduction models.

“We think the same person could enjoy a Mach E right alongside a 2020 Mustang GT and a model from our range of reproduction 1965-1968 Mustang and Shelby GTs,” Scarpello adds.  They are different vehicles, but they are all Mustang.”