June 2021

Revology Mustang convertible owner wins awards wherever he goes

Revology Mustang convertible owner wins awards wherever he goes

Revology customer John Petronio has always loved Mustangs and now people are in love with his Mustang too.

Petronio lives in Delray Beach, Florida and since he bought his 1966 Revology Mustang GT convertible in January 2019 he has been frequenting car shows in the state.

And virtually every time, Petronio has driven away with an award for his Mustang, in its eye-catching silver blue metallic paint and blue/white interior.

“Every weekend there are at least two car shows within 50 miles of me,” says Petronio, a retired real estate business owner from New York.

Petronio bought his Revology Mustang after seeing the Revology display at a car show.

Revology Mustang convertible owner wins awards wherever he goes
<strong><em>PHOTO: REV</em></strong><em><strong>OLOGY 1966 MUSTANG GT CONVERTIBLE IN SILVER BLUE METALLIC (CAR #29)</strong></em>

Back in the 1970s he owned an original fastback Mustang, “I have always loved Mustangs but it wasn’t the greatest car in the world, compared to my new one. It rattled and shook, it lacked a lot of things you’d want.”

With his Revology Mustang, Petronio says he pulls into gas stations and no one knows it’s not an original, until he opens the hood and onlookers are amazed at the engine. “I’m noticing lately that when people come up and see the Revology name on the engine, they know the company.”

As for the car shows, Petronio says out of 22 events he has attended he has won awards at all but one, when he lost to an original Shelby parked next to him.

“A lot of my awards are people’s choice awards, ” says Petronio. “Average people just fall in love with the car; the color, the embossing of the mustangs on the seat.

“I get so many compliments, everyone talks about the Mustangs they used to own, and they talk about the fit and finish of my car, how their cars were never that good.”

Petronio’s favorite award of all came a couple of years ago at an all-Ford car show in Boca Raton. “There had to be 1000 cars there. I went for the heck of it. Right across from me was an identical car, all original, the guy did all the work.

Revology Mustang convertible owner wins awards wherever he goes

“They get done awarding trophies and I was about ready to leave, and the announcer says before you all go I want you all to go and look at car number 63, which is our grand champion winner. That was my car.

“That trophy is my pride and joy. That was a feather in my cap.”

Revology is the first company ever licensed by Ford to build a new reproduction Ford. It is also one of a handful of companies worldwide licensed by Shelby.

Revology offers a complete lineup of licensed reproduction 1965-1968 Mustang and Shelby GTs. Detailed specifications including content and pricing can be found on the Revology Cars website at www.revologycars.com, or by contacting Revology Cars directly at (800) 974-4463.