February 2022

Charting buyers’ top choices from the Revology collection

Now that Revology Cars has passed its 100th car production milestone (News Release “Revology Cars hits its car 100 milestone with a pink, Playboy-inspired GT convertible“), it’s worth looking at customers’ most popular choices from the company’s Mustang and Shelby GT model catalog.

Overall, fastback model variants edge out convertible models by a modest margin, although in recent years fastback production has been increasing as a percentage of the total.  With the introduction of the 1967 Shelby GT350 and GT500 models, the fastback body style has grown markedly in popularity.

“The Shelby models are very popular,” says Revology Cars sales and marketing director, Yoshi Amano. “People like the unique design elements of the ’67 Shelby models, especially the front end design with its driving lights, and its rear tail lamp treatment.  Sales of the ’67 models are growing fast.”

When it comes to transmission choices, a healthy 42 percent of buyers choose manual gearboxes. This reflects the enthusiast nature of Revology customers, especially at a time when manual transmissions have virtually disappeared from showrooms in the mainstream automotive world.  Even so, Amano notes that more recently, with the introduction of the Ford 10R80 electronically controlled 10-speed automatic, more Revology buyers are opting for the automatic.  “I don’t know of anyone who chose the 10R80 who regretted the decision,” says Amano.  “It is a technologically advanced, state-of-the-art transmission that provides quick yet smooth shifts, as well as excellent fuel economy.” 

Inside Revology Mustang and Shelby models, leather is the overwhelming choice of trim material for the seats, door panels and other surfaces.  “Our buyers are very discerning when it comes to material quality.  We use premium Nappa leather from the same tanneries that supply Mercedes-Benz and Porsche,” says Amano. “Keep in mind that major elements of the interior – the door panels, carpeting, console – are designed and produced by Revology. Our buyers love the way we have executed the interior.”

In terms of exterior colors, Revology buyers are free to select virtually any color, and some do, although most tend to remain within the original color palette.  To date, Silver Blue has been the most popular choice, partly because of it has been favored by many buyers of Revology convertibles.  Next to Silver Blue, Wimbledon White, Candy Apple Red, and Jet Black Metallic are the most frequently selected hues.

Going forward, Amano sees a number of evolving trends among buyers. “Recent buyers are more adventuresome in terms of their color and trim choices than the early buyers.  Perhaps they are inspired by the level of personalization that is available with a Revology Mustang, or maybe they just like the idea of doing something unique.”  One recurring theme is the selection of newer colors from major automakers’ palettes, such as Ford GT Liquid Blue.  “The Revology Mustang features so much modern technology, some clients think, why not a modern color?” says Amano. 

Other trends include increasing interest in the Premium Audio system, particularly the hidden Bluetooth system optional in the 65-66 models, and larger wheels and tires.  “The 16 inch diameter wheels look more like the original, but the 17 inch wheels are more modern and allow fitment of a larger brake package, which provides a functional benefit,” says Amano.

Buyers are increasingly asking for more information and ideas and are very interested in what other customers are choosing, Amano adds. The Revology Registry, which includes detailed photos and specifications of every Revology Mustang and Shelby GT ever built, is a great reference.

“In the end people want to be sure they are making a good decision,” Amano concludes, “so we provide in-depth consultation and support to ensure customers make the best choices to suit their own tastes.”