March 2022

Successful Amelia Island weekend highlights increasing demand for Revology Cars’ new reproduction Mustangs and Shelby GTs

<strong>Successful Amelia Island weekend highlights increasing demand for Revology Cars’ new reproduction Mustangs and Shelby GTs</strong>

Hot on the heels of a successful appearance at The Amelia, the re-branded version of the Amelia Island Concours, Revology Cars is celebrating its 100th reproduction Mustang and a rapidly growing order book. 

“We had a tremendous response at Amelia Island,” says Yoshiko Amano, Marketing and Sales Director of Orlando, Florida-based Revology Cars. “People particularly loved our 100th car, a 1966 GT convertible in Playmate Pink.”

Press release: “Revology Cars hits its car 100 milestone with a pink, Playboy-inspired GT convertible

With plans to increase its production capacity, Revology is setting its sights on passing the 500th car production milestone during the next five years.

“Our production plan for this year is 50 percent higher than 2021 and we are still sold out through mid-2023,” said Tom Scarpello, founder and CEO of Revology Cars.  “It seems that every time we increase capacity, demand grows even more.”

Though the production rate is climbing, Scarpello stresses that the company is maintaining its strict attention to detail in the build process, a policy that has helped make Revology Mustangs so popular with buyers.  “When you announce that you are ramping up production, customers may be concerned that your quality will suffer.  However, we are not a hot rod shop; we are a manufacturer.  We have a well-documented assembly process, which ensures each operation is performed the same way, in the same sequence, every time, regardless of which technician is doing the work.  Having a robust process means production is truly scalable,” says Scarpello. 

Revology Cars applauds the long-awaited implementation of the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers’ Act, which was recently launched with NHTSA’s official release of safety regulations pertaining to the new law.  According to Scarpello, “This new law will make it easier for consumers to title and register new reproduction automobiles in all 50 states.  We think it will drive demand for our products even higher.”

Using an automotive colloquialism for doing well, Revology Cars is certainly “firing on all eight cylinders” these days, which brings up an important question.  Will this company, which has only ever offered V8 internal combustion engines in its lineup, ever build an EV?  Says Scarpello, “That’s not for me to decide.  We are here because of our customers.  If they want EVs, we will build them.  We have the technical capability to do it.  If not, we will happily keep building American V8-powered Mustangs and Shelby GTs.”

Revology is the first company ever licensed by Ford to build a new reproduction Ford.  It is also one of a handful of companies worldwide licensed by Shelby.

Revology offers a complete lineup of licensed reproduction 1965-1968 Mustang and Shelby GTs. Detailed specifications including content and pricing can be found on the Revology Cars website at, or by contacting Revology Cars directly at (800) 974-4463.