This is a brand new old Mustang

The body and shape you’ll recognise from the 1960s. The drivetrain, chassis and creature comforts? Very much not from the 1960s. This is Revology Cars’ brand new, old Ford Mustang.

Yep, in the vein of Singer’s rather glorious 911, the Florida-based Revology has tweaked the American icon so it’ll fit into the 21st century.

It’s still undeniably a Mustang in shape, naturally. The brand new steel body is produced by a company called Dynacorn, but licensed by Ford, with only a few changes to integrate the modern underpinnings. “You can literally unbolt a piece from a Revology Mustang replica and bolt it to an original Mustang and it will fit,” says company founder Tom Scarpello. Scarpello worked for Ford’s Special Vehicle Team for six years, so knows his way around the Blue Oval.