Revology Cars Expands on Shelby License With 1967 GT500 Launch

Revology Cars should be well known to our readers by now. Over the last few years we’ve been able to watch as Head Revologist, Tom Scarpello, worked tirelessly to build upon his idea of all-new 1965 and 1966 Ford Mustang replicas. Tom’s idea of a turnkey Mustang replica built with all-new parts, including the body itself, has become a reality with dozens of cars being built for customers all over the globe. The recent news of Revology Cars obtaining official licensing to build a replica 1966 GT350 had many wondering what else might be in store. We’ve asked Scarpello several times whether Revology Cars would move up to the 1967-1968 body style, and eventually the 1969-1970, and so on. In those early interviews we had there was certainly an interest to move forward with expanding into these years, and today Revology Cars has announced they are ready to move forward, launching a 1967 Shelby GT500 replica that will be available sometime in the summer of 2017.