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Hi, I'm Tom Scarpello of Revology cars, and this is car number 100 - a 1966 Mustang GT convertible in playmate pink with ivory Nappa leather interior. Today I'm going to show you around this car, and we're going to go for a drive. Let's get started! 1966 Mustang GT convertible and it's pink. This is playmate pink. This was a special order color back in 1965. In fact, this car was immortalized by being the first giveaway car for the playmate of the year. Hugh Hefner gave a brand new 1965 convertible to the 1964 playmate of the year, Donna Michelle. So, this client came to us with the idea of doing this pink Mustang as a gift for his wife. Of course, why not? Let's do it! So, this is the Revology Mustang GT package; halogen fog lamps, and LED headlamps in the front, 5.0 badging, the Mustang GT stripes, the white stripe was selected to match the white interior, which I think is pretty cool. On the interior this car is equipped with our premium audio. This car has a 6 dial gauge with the brushed aluminum veneer on the cluster, glove box, and the console. This is a full Nappa leather interior, Mercedes ivory leather, and the client has selected the two-tone. So, the dash, and the carpet are matching, in this case, black. I think it was a really nice selection, and it really matches the pink exterior. Over all very cool, unique, special car, and it's our 100th car which is really a huge milestone! Okay, so here we are, car 100. This is pretty cool. It's been almost eight years since we started the company, and it has been a heck of a ride. People ask me “Did you ever think you'd get to this point”? Well yeah, obviously I did. Otherwise, why would I have even started the company? No one's ever done this before. So, we didn't really know what the market's reaction would be. Was there potential for this type of vehicle at this price point, and would there be enough demand for it? We decided to build a concept car and get a reaction. That was our car #0, Amelia, a show car that we showed at the 2015 Amelia Island Concourse. That was a heck of a project. I remember that day of the press conference. Gosh, we worked on that car all night long and drove up. We just arrived at Amelia Island as the sun was coming up. We got it down to the show stand and did a reveal, and gosh, we were just jam-packed all day Saturday and Sunday. A really great reaction and a lot of media coverage, and that really showed us that there was a lot of interest, a lot of demand for this kind of car. So we made the decision to go into production. Since then, a lot has happened over that almost eight-year period, and we've learned a ton, and the cars have really evolved a lot. You know they look, I think, really similar to the early cars. Cars that we are producing now, appearance-wise, very similar, but functionally it really evolved a lot, much more refined, reliable, really the result of all that work and that learning. So, all of this is really a result of the hard work by the team at Revology. It took a lot of talented people, a lot of time and effort to achieve these results. Great team, and I'm proud to be associated with this team. Also, we couldn't have done it without our clients. Clearly, particularly in the early years, we were a fledgling company. We didn't have a track record, and there were certain key clients that took a chance on us, and they thought that we could make it, and we did. I have not done anything as difficult as this in my entire life. Anything that you're going to do that's worthwhile is going to be a challenge; it's going to be difficult, it's going to really require hard work and commitment. So now we're looking at the next milestone, which is the 1000th car. I'm looking forward to that!


Production No.
Model Year
Series name
Mustang GT Convertible
Exterior color
Playmate Pink
Interior color
Mercedes Ivory Leather
Ford 5.0L Ti-VCT Coyote DOHC V8 460hp
Ford 10R80 10-Speed Electronically Controlled Automatic Transmission
Styled Aluminum Charcoal 16x8
Vintage Audio with AM/FM and Bluetooth, JL Audio Remote Stereo Controller

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