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Hi, I'm Tom Scarpello of Revology cars, and this is car number 102; a 1965 Mustang GT 2+2 Fastback in Harvest Gold Metallic with ivory vinyl interior, black accents. Today I'm going to take you on a walk around, and then we're going to go for a ride. Let's get started! And you're right. There wasn't. There was a Honey Gold which was a bit more green, and there was Prairie Bronze which was a bit more orange. So, this Harvest Gold is a Ford color; however, it wasn't introduced by Ford until 1999, but it really looks great on the ‘65 Mustang. It really looks like a period correct color. So, the Revology ‘65 GT has the fog lamps that were part of the GT package. They are halogen, as are the head lamps. At the side of the car, the GT package includes the GT badging. GT stripe, in this case, white, which matches the interior. The GT has vent windows. This is one of the only parts on the car that's an original part. The vent window is not reproduced. That vent window is an extremely complex piece. We buy old ones, take them apart, refurbish them and use them for this particular model. This car has our standard vinyl interior. Now, this is a Mercedes leatherette material, so it looks very much like leather, but it's not. The leatherette is a very durable material. This will last a long time. It will withstand abrasion and sun loading, and it still looks good. There were some interior color combinations that Ford offered with parchment that had a parchment interior with a dark dash pad, and a matching carpet. So, we've taken that theme and applied it here. The ivory interior environment with the black dash, and that's to minimize reflection off the windshield; you need to have a dark color. And, of course, a six-speed manual, which is my cue for “Let's go for a ride!” Okay, so this is car 102. If you do something 102 times, you get pretty good at it. Our process has been continuously improving. This car, when we took it out this morning, only had 31 miles on it, and I haven't noticed anything that's wrong with it. It's a little bit more wind noise than usual. We'll probably need to make an adjustment to a vent window. Vent windows are notorious for wind noise. There's a reason you don't see vent windows on modern cars, but really that's it. We're not quite at the point where you drive the car off the assembly line and right onto the trailer to transport it to the dealership, but we're getting there. So, a big part of that is the assembly process manual. I've presented on different occasions, which is the step-by-step guide that shows the technician every single items that has to be done on every car based on the configuration of that particular car. Gosh, it just makes all the difference in the world. The only way you can really control the outcome is if you control every single step in the manufacturing process, and that goes for the pre-delivery validation and inspection procedure as well. So this car hasn't gone through pre-delivery yet. It's still just accumulating some miles. We typically put about 150 to 200 miles on a car before delivery, and there's a regimen of driving evaluations that it goes through. We will identify any wind noise or any vibrations, sometimes driveline vibrations you won't feel until you get up to really high speed. We'll have some high-speed testing. We'll do rough road testing. We've got several different stretches of road that are pretty rough, and if there's anything that could cause a squeak or a rattle. It'll become very apparent there that we can address it before delivery. When the car has gone through that test regimen in its past, and any issues that were found have been addressed, then we go through what we call pre-delivery inspection. So, at this point, car should be perfect. Any issue that had been identified would have been corrected, and the car should be perfect. The pre-delivery inspection goes through every single functional element of the car as well as appearance review. There are 180 points that are checked, and it is even down to the level of detail of setting the clock to the client's time zone. We track the data of anything that we find. Any quality issue that we find that has to be resolved goes on a punch list. The data from the punch list is consolidated by our quality department, and they're looking at anything that could be a repetitive issue. And if it is, we'll open up a corrective action report, then we'll go in and find out; “Okay, why are we having this issue?” And that's how we continuously improve the quality of the Revology Mustangs and Shelby GTs. This is such a nice transmission. It's just got a nice feel. It's very direct, very precise. It's not like super loose like you get in a lot of these, maybe, European or Japanese cars. I mean, they have a good feel, but they're just super loose. This car feels very masculine. It's not heavy. It's just firm. This is a single-disc clutch. It has a firm pedal but not a heavy pedal. It certainly doesn't wear you out. I really feel like it's the right level of firmness!


Production No.
Model Year
Series name
Mustang GT 2+2 Fastback
Exterior color
Harvest Gold
Interior color
Ivory Leatherette
Ford 5.0L Ti-VCT Coyote DOHC V8 460hp
Tremec T-56XL 6-speed Manual Transmission
Styled Aluminum Charcoal 16x8
JL Audio Remote Stereo Controller

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