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Hi, I'm Tom Scarpello of Revology cars, and this is car number 101, and this is car number 104, both 1966 Mustang convertibles. One is the Premium package, and the other, the GT package. Today I'm going to take you through the differences between the Premium and the GT package. Let's get started! Alright, 1966 Mustang convertible; GT package on the left, Premium package on the right. At the front, the GT comes equipped with fog lamps and halogen lighting. The Premium comes with LED lighting and no fog lamps. At the side, the Premium package has the Mustang badge with the horse and tri-bar logo, the rocker molding, and on the convertible, there's a quarter trim ornament. On this side, car 104, the GT package. Now, the only thing that would make this comparison better would be if this GT were equipped with the GT side stripes. This client chose to delete the stripe. The GT stripe is standard. It's a contrast color, and it'll be accentuated with the Mustang badging that's integrated into the stripe, and then you get the GT badge as well on the fender. So, car 101 has the 17-inch styled aluminum wheels, and car 104 has the 16-inch styled aluminum wheels. So, a lot of people ask, “which is better?” Should I go with the 16 or the 17?” And really, as far as the design, it's really a matter of preference. The functional reason to go for the 17-inch wheel is you can get a larger brake package. The brake package that we use on our Shelby models is optional on the Premium and the GT, but it does require the 17-inch wheel because it's physically a larger brake package. Okay, time for another January drive with the top down! I got my warm cap on and we're going to get the heat cranked up! Okay, so this car is owned by none other than Edsel Ford, the great-grandson of Henry Ford. It's, gosh, really an honor to build a car for Edsel as a 16-year-old kid growing up in Athens, Georgia, driving a ‘65 Mustang to think that a little over 30 years, no gosh no, 40 years, gee whiz. Almost 40 years later, my company would be building a car for Edsel Ford. That's pretty cool! Edsel, as you might imagine, is quite a car enthusiast. He's been a really big supporter of Ford's involvement in motorsports and specialty vehicles, and he really gets it. There's been a lot of discussion about car guys in the auto industry, and one really, I think, a really great book on the subject was written by Bob Lutz, who's a legend in his own right, and it's called Car Guys VS Bean Counters. Talks about people who really love and understand cars and appreciate why people buy cars versus the people who are just focused on the numbers and the business. I will say, though, it's a little bit unfair to be critical of bean counters. They're just doing their job because car guys may not always make rational decisions. So, I don't think it's bean counters that are the problem for me. It's golfers. The guys that are so dangerous at the top of a car company are golfers. These are guys that come weekend, they're just fantasizing about getting out in the golf course where they really should be thinking about going racing or wrenching on a car or going to a car show at least, but no, they're not car guys. They're not passionate about cars. They don't live in cars. They spend more time managing their careers, and they manage their business, and they're mainly worried about their handicap, not so worried about, getting the details just right. And Ford has gone up and down, and they've had car guys and golfers. And right now, thankfully, there’s car guys running the company and you see the result and really compelling product lineup that they've got out there. The market is finally starting to appreciate it, and the stock price has been going up steadily. So, well maybe the market's appreciating it more because Ford's investing a lot in EV, but I can tell you it's the people that's really what makes the difference, and Revology especially. I think in a small company like Revology, and we're around 60 people right now, and everyone plays a part, every single person. It has a lot of influence on the outcome of a project or a program. People have to be able to work together to get the best out of one another. When that happens, it's magic!


Production No.
Model Year
Series name
Mustang GT Convertible
Exterior color
Candy Apple Red
Interior color
Mercedes Ivory Leather
Ford 5.0L Ti-VCT Coyote DOHC V8 460hp
Ford 10R80 10-Speed Electronically Controlled Automatic Transmission
Styled Aluminum Charcoal 16x8
Vintage Audio with AM/FM and Bluetooth

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