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Hi, I'm Tom Scarpello of Revology Cars, and today we have another twofer for you. This is car 107, car 109. Car 107 is a 1965 old Mustang GT convertible in ivy green with light beige Nappa leather interior and a white vinyl top. This is car number 109. It's a 1966 Mustang GT convertible in ivy green metallic and saddle leather interior, black canvas top. Today I'm going to take you on a walkaround of these two cars and then we're going to drive one of them. Let's get started!     So, 1965 and 1966 Mustang GT convertible. At the front, this is the ‘65, car number 107. You'll note, it has the honey chrome grill fog lamp and bars are slightly different from what you have on the ‘66 vertical bars that run from the top to the bottom of the grill. On the ‘66, the grill itself is a different style. It has horizontal bars that run across the grill.     This car, 107, is equipped with a Torque Thrust wheel. Car 109 has the styled aluminum wheels. Both are 17-inch diameter, and both cars are equipped with our optional Shelby brake upgrade. Car number 109 is also riding on run-flat tires, which is one of our options. Run-flat tires kind of got a bad reputation when they first came out because they tended to ride stiff, but they really made a lot of improvements over the years. It's a minimal difference. So, you give up, in our case, I would say you give up slightly a little bit of traction. I don't really think ride quality suffers. I think it's a good option. You get peace of mind from having a run-flat tire because we're not able to package a full-size spare. The tire and wheel package is just too large to fit.     Okay, so, on the interior, I'm sitting in car number 109. This is a Mercedes leather. It's got a deep rich tone to it. This car has the black square weave carpet, black Porsche Nappa leather dash. This car has our upgraded audio system, the premium audio, and it has the Configuration C, which is the door panel speakers. So, we've moved the tweeters up to the dash, so the tweeters now fire out of the dash, bounce off the windshield, and enter the passenger compartment.  So, car 107 interior, this is light beige. This is also a Mercedes leather. This car is equipped with a square weave brown carpet and then a matching dark brown dash pad. So, this combination looks really ‘60s. This car has the Audio B Configuration of our Premium audio. This is the hidden version, so on the ‘65-66, you can opt for the hidden audio stereo here, which is really a dummy. All of the components are in a module that's located in the trunk, and you've got this controller that's hidden in the ashtray, and you run it all through your phone.  Alright, we're going for a ride in car 109. So, 109 is equipped with our optional performance sound exhaust. This is the Borla ATAK muffler, and that's combined with a 10-inch resonator, gives you a little bit more aggressive tone, not really a lot. Sounds nice! Not too aggressive! Me personally, I would choose the ATAK. But if you spend a lot of time with a cranky person who's in the passenger seat that complains about noise, maybe you don't want to go for the ATAK. Hear that little blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah? Sounds good, sounds really good.  So, in this video, we saw some differences between two similar cars, but when you consider all the different configurations that are possible with the Revology Mustang, it's really in the millions, like all the buildable combinations. But that doesn't seem to be enough for some people. I still get people who are asking me if we can do this or install this part or combine a with b or c with d or even sending me links to parts that they found online, and can you put this in my car. The answer is we haven't tested it, so we don't know if it's going to work.   We're not building one-off custom cars. We're building a manufactured product with a warranty, and by the way, your price is fixed. So, whatever we contract with you to build at that price, that's what you're going to get at that price. Which is completely different than a custom shop that's charging time and materials. Sure, if you wanted to just pay an hourly rate pay for every part where you; try this, doesn't work, take it off, pay to get it taken off. It’s time and materials, it's a cost-plus. It's like you're just paying for everything.  You can't predict, the first time you do something, how long it's going to take? How many hours it's going to take? You can't possibly quote a customer. You just can't. So, you have to quote, basically, open checkbook, time and materials, whatever it takes, is what it takes. That’s one of the things that we set out to fix with Revology; that uncertainty that the client has about what he's going to get and what it's going to cost. It certainly takes the worry out of the equation for the customer. 


Production No.
Model Year
Series name
Mustang GT Convertible
Exterior color
Ivy Green Metallic
Interior color
Mercedes Light Beige
Ford 5.0L Ti-VCT Coyote DOHC V8 460hp
Tremec T-56XL 6-speed Manual Transmission
American Racing Magnum 500 16x8
Vintage Audio with AM/FM and Bluetooth, Mosconi Audio Remote Stereo Controller

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