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Hi, I'm Tom Scarpello of Revology Cars, and this is car number 113, a 1967 Shelby GT500 in Candy Apple Red with Wimbledon White Le Mans stripes. Today I'm going to take you on a walkaround to this car. We are going to go for a drive. Let's get started! Okay, starting at the front ‘67 GT500 LED lighting, both the headlamps and the center-mounted driving lamps, our LED turn signals, and of course, our LED fiberglass hood. This car has the optional quick latches and flush-mounted hood latches. The wheels are the Shelby VN427 from American racing. A great period-correct wheel looks great on the ‘67 GT500. At the back, the ducktail spoiler and the integrated tail lamp extensions, Shelby rear tail lamps which are a distinctive feature of the ‘67, and the Borla dual exhaust. So, this is our first model year 2023 vehicle - a couple of neat little things that we added for the 2023 model year. So, first of all, you've got a door chime now. So when you've got your ignition on, you've got an audible reminder that the ignition's on and the doors open. We've relocated the switches for the power windows to the console. You have the redundant switches, so you still have the up-down that are the window crank handle which is a great crowd-pleasing feature, but then if you want to get both windows down quickly, you've got easy access to the twin rocker switches on the console. It's just little things that we're doing based on customer feedback; what they like, what could be improved, and we're always looking for ways to constantly improve the ownership experience for our customers. Okay, so this car was built for a client who is a lifelong car enthusiast. He owns a couple of classic Mustangs, a ‘67 GT convertible and a ‘67 Eleanor Resto-mod. And he came to us because he wanted a classic car that he could drive and just not worry about. His two classic Mustangs were constantly in the shop or some problem or another. And he was never comfortable taking either one of them on a long trip, so he came and visited us and checked out our process and test drove the car and was convinced. So that's a pretty common theme! We have a lot of clients that are knowledgeable enthusiasts. They've owned a number of classic cars, and they're very familiar with the shortfalls of trying to, rely on a 60-year-old automobile, and that's a big part of the appeal for what we do. Our sales rate has been really growing a lot, particularly in the last six months like we're just. So what's going on? Why the growth? Well, it's just that people really appreciate the thoughtful engineering and the attention, the detail that goes into each one of the cars that we build. A few years ago, we would show cars and talk to potential clients, and sometimes people would say, "Well, where is the car priced at? I could buy an original for about the same money. Why would I buy this?" Well, they don't say that anymore. It really comes down to how you define value because there's tangible value and there's intangible value, and you look at an original ‘67, 90% of the value is intangible. The values are in the history of the car, the memories of what it means to people and that really just depends on the audience. It's whatever they are willing to pay, as long as there are people out there that value, that the memory of that car has some value where a Revology Shelby, the value is 90% tangible and 10% intangible. So the value is backed up by content, actual hardware you can see, feel, touch. You get something tangible for your money. It's just a different value equation, and it's true that we have a lot of repeat customers. We've got two clients that own or have ordered five Revology Mustangs, each one with four and eleven that have two. So, with a lot of repeat customers, we get a lot of referrals. We have not done much marketing, really very little because we're capacity constrained, but we're going to close this coming week- a new facility is going to give us more than double the floor space and will really help us to address our capacity issue.


Production No.
Model Year
Series name
Shelby GT500
Exterior color
Candy Apple Red
Interior color
Black Nappa Leather
710hp Ford / Roush Gen 3 5.0 Ti-VCT Supercharged V8
Ford 10R80 10-Speed Electronically Controlled Automatic Transmission
Shelby COBRA VN427, 17x9.5
7" Touch Screen Display w/ Reverse Camera, FOCAL Premium Sound Component System, 800w Class D Power Amplifier and 10” Subwoofer

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