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Hi, I'm Tom Scarpello of Revology Cars, and this is car number 84 - a 1967 Shelby GT500 in Navy Blue Metallic with Wimbledon White stripes and Mercedes Ivory leather interior. So, this 710 supercharged five-liter backed by the 10r80. This is our newest powertrain, and we've only done two. This is the second one, and I am extremely happy with everything about it. I mean, obviously, the power is just phenomenal, but what's really impressive is the drivability, and we've talked. I've talked in previous videos about the drivability of this supercharged five-liter engine. It's everything you would expect from a modern production engine because it is a modern production engine.  And with the 10r80, again, a production transmission and running off the same PCM powertrain control module, so you don't have a separate ECM and TCM. That's an engine control module, a transmission control module. They're all running off the same PCM, which is the powertrain control module. This is how OEM cars are done. It's one system that runs all the electronics for the engine and the transmission. They're designed together. They're designed to operate together.  When you start mixing and matching engines and transmissions, and you have separate modules, you just don't quite get the level of integration that you would have if you just have one like the OEMs do. So, it's so smooth, and it operates so effortlessly. A lot of people, a lot of our clients, ask me, should they get the manual or the automatic, and honestly, I'm really happy with both and what we find is a lot of our clients that opt for the automatic.  They end up using the car a lot more just because they don't mind getting stuck in traffic, and then sometimes from the clients that opted for the manual. They say, “I've been driving this car way more than I thought I would, have I known that I might have gotten the automatic”. So, I guess if you're sort of on the fence, I might say you might go for the automatic that seems to be the popular choice.  So, Ford recently announced the F-150 lightning electric truck. This is such a significant event, the electrified version of the best-selling vehicle in the world, certainly the best-selling vehicle in North America for the last 44 years, maybe in the world. The most significant vehicle from Ford obviously and demonstrates the company's commitment to electrification. And they've also brought it in at an extremely competitive price, so this is a real vehicle that real people can afford to buy and own. This is really, really big news!  Having spent six years of my career with Ford with the special vehicle team, I've been asked what I think about Ford using the brand lightning on the EV, I'm thrilled about it. I think it's absolutely fantastic. I think it's a huge compliment to all of the people at SVT that Ford would choose to use that brand. I think everyone at SVT who worked on either of the lightning programs should be immensely proud.


Production No.
Model Year
Series name
Shelby GT500
Exterior color
Dark Blue Metallic
Interior color
Mercedes Ivory Leather
710hp Ford / Roush Gen 3 5.0 Ti-VCT Supercharged V8
Ford 10R80 10-Speed Electronically Controlled Automatic Transmission
Shelby 10-spoke aluminum 17x9.5
7" Touch Screen Display w/ Reverse Camera

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