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Hi, I'm Tom Scarpello of Revology Cars, and this is car number 87 - a 1966 Mustang GT convertible in Wimbledon White with Porsche Flamenco Red Nappa leather interior. So, seats are incredibly important and a lot more complicated to design and build than a lot of people realize. So, the original Mustang seats there really wasn't much to them.   Remember that was a car that had economy car roots, so it was designed for a price point, and we were talking 55 years ago. So, like today, those seats are definitely deficient. They don't have any support. They're not comfortable on a long drive. So very, very basic seat, so that certainly wouldn't do for us. Now we looked around. There's a lot of offerings in the aftermarket for seats, but we couldn't find a seat that did what everything that we wanted it to do, which was to be comfortable, to be supportive but then also to look authentic and look like it could have been an original Mustang seat. So, we had to design our own seat, and this is what you see here now!  All the seats that we build for our ‘65 through ‘68 Mustangs and Shelby GTS are based on the same design. We buy the frame from a company that specializes in seat frames. It's a very sturdy heavy frame, and it's compatible with a power four AF mechanism, and seat foam, we designed ourselves. We used to make the foam out of molds. Now we're having it actually CNC machined, so it's interesting you can CNC machine foam. We're able to get it precise, and we can also change the level of density of foam in different parts of the seat, so we're able to really dial in the level of support and comfort exactly how we want it.  It's beautifully stitched. I mean, all of the interior work is done in-house by us. It really is the way that we're able to control quality to ensure that every single seat, every interior panel, everything is consistent. We use only OEM leather. This is a Porsche Nappa leather, it's called Flamenco Red, but it actually looks a lot better. It's leather, so it's matte. It's not that shiny red vinyl which frankly looks a bit cheap. The seats in this car, because this car is equipped with the deluxe interior, which was also called the pony interior, and the reason that nickname was given is because of these running ponies that are in the seat back.  So on the original car, of course, the whole seat was vinyl covered, so the ponies they were made from a like vinyl molded insert which was kind of hard vinyl, but we've actually recreated this in leather. So this is made with a dye. It's embossed in the leather. We actually had to hire an artist to redraw these ponies. Ford no longer had the design; apparently it had been lost years ago. So we hired an artist to recreate the ponies and created this dye, and now we emboss these ponies so that we can have an authentic-looking pony seat. So, I mean, who does this, seriously? This is like this is insane, but that's kind of what we are sort of insane!  But this is like the details that you get that really make the car special. So, the driving experience it's balanced. This is a convertible. It's an automatic. I mean, you want to just be comfortable, you want to cruise, you want to listen to that burbal of that exhaust BLUH BLUH BLUH BLUH….. I mean, it sounds great you got the wind in your hair. It's you don't want it to beat you up. It's got to have some compliance in the suspension. It's got to be comfortable.  We talked about the seats and how comfortable they are. Obviously, you've got power brakes and power steering. I've got AC on right now, which is kind of indulgent, top-down AC on. It's a little bit warm today, but I'm perfectly comfortable, and that's the whole idea. It feels great, and you look great while you're driving. So just to get that balance just right takes a lot of work, but I'm really happy with where we are right now. So, it's all about the details, all of those little details, hundreds and hundreds of things that individually you might not notice but somehow when you put it all together, you just know it's right! 


Production No.
Model Year
Series name
Mustang GT Convertible
Exterior color
Wimbledon White
Interior color
Porsche Flamencorot Red Leather
Ford 5.0L Ti-VCT Coyote DOHC V8 460hp
Ford 10R80 10-Speed Electronically Controlled Automatic Transmission
Styled Aluminum Charcoal 16x8
Vintage Audio with AM/FM and Bluetooth

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