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  Hi, I'm Tom Scarpello of Revology cars, and this is car#93 - a 1966 Shelby GT350 convertible in Porsche jet black metallic with Porsche black Nappa leather interior. Today I'm going to show you around this car and take you for a drive. Let's get started!    Okay, 66 Shelby gt350 convertible, this is 2 out of 12 that we will produce. This is a limited-run model. We decided to try something different, and we're only going to build 12 of these. Now, this car originally was not a production Shelby. There were only four built back in 1966. They weren't available to the general public. It was a study. It was something Shelby was looking at doing, offering a convertible model. At the front of the 66 Shelby, you've got the Shelby grill with the horse and tri-bar logo out at the far left-hand side of the grille.    The headlights for the Revology Shelby are LED. The hood is fiberglass. This car is equipped with the optional quick latch. This car does not have the optional lemans stripes. The painted stripes were actually an option back in 1966. They were either installed at the factory or at the dealer, and then a certain number of cars didn't have that option at all, and this client chose not to have the painted Lamont stripes added. At the side of the car, the client chose the silver stripes, so there was not a silver side-stripe available. This is a custom vinyl that we did for this build to match the contrast stitching on the interior, which is a really sharp execution, I think. The client chose the magnum 500 wheels. A lot of the Shelbys went out with magnum 500 wheels, in particular the hertz model.  At the back of the car, you've got the Shelby gt350 fuel cap and the gt350 badge on the tail lamp panel. The Shelbys were all equipped with the standard valance with the exhaust that exited under the valance. It's a turn-down tip. So the interior is black Porsche and Nappa leather. We use perforated leather for the door panel inserts and for the seat inserts, and this client shows the silver contrast stitching, which really, really looks sharp. The client also chose the walnut veneer, and so this is a laser-cut walnut. So this car is equipped with our Jl audio remote controller.    This is a feature that I introduced in the video for car 71 (also see 1967 mustang). Since then, we've modified a few things. This unit comes with an amp, it's a four-channel Class-D amp, and then we've got programmed settings for the equalizer. So what you can do is click through the different equalizer settings depending on the type of music that you're playing. So the blue's pretty good for the bush. I can put some jazz on, maybe! So I think purple is good for jazz. Is the green pretty good for jazz? Although the blue's pretty good too. Anyway, got a lot of different choices for equalization there. Alright, so let's go for a ride. Oops, not cool!    So one of the things that people ask about is ride quality because there seems to be kind of an assumption in the aftermarket that people want a really stiff ride, that performance somehow equals stiff ride, stiff suspension. It's uncomfortable. Well, if you're driving, if you're building a track car, sure, we're not building track cars. We do have an r-spec car that's designed for the track, but even that car has a decent ride. We're designing a car that is a high-performance car that is used on the street.    So you've got to have good handling of braking and steering, but you've also got to have a decent ride that can have enough, that the chassis has enough compliance to soak up bumps and imperfections in the road surface. It doesn't beat you to death. We've done a lot of work to ensure that the suspension has enough compliance, still stiff enough for really good handling but enough compliance that you've got good ride quality, so it's a really good balance. And it results in a car that you can drive every day and over a variety of surfaces that you normally encounter even if you live someplace like Michigan that has notoriously bad roads or in the northeast, as far as the philosophy goes about how to set up a car, the driving dynamics of a car.     Personally, I’m a road racer, not a drag racer, so I like cars that turn and stop and handle well, and that's how our cars are set up. They're not just straight-line cars. I mean, they perform well in a straight line, but they're a lot more multi-faceted. They're also just really pleasant to ride in and drive and just comfortable. Getting that balance right is really important and really difficult, but when you get it, it just feels great! 


Production No.
Model Year
Series name
Shelby GT350 Convertible
Exterior color
Porsche Jet Black Metallic
Interior color
Black Nappa Leather
Ford 5.0L Ti-VCT Coyote DOHC V8 460hp
Ford 10R80 10-Speed Electronically Controlled Automatic Transmission
American Racing Magnum 500 17x8
Vintage Audio with AM/FM and Bluetooth

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