June 2018

First Class Build Quality Is Not Just A Goal At Revology Cars, It’s A Requirement.

What separates the best from the rest in the world of reproduction classic cars? At Revology Cars, there is a focus on manufacturing quality and processes that no other company in the business can match.

This advantage puts Revology in a class of its own and is based on the unparalleled automotive industry experience of the company founder, Tom Scarpello and his highly qualified team.

Naturally, quality is an element any car builder should strive for, but it is extremely challenging to deliver at a top level and on a consistent basis.

There are multiple benefits derived from this emphasis on quality for Revology Cars customers. Beyond the pride and pleasure that comes from possessing such a finely assembled vehicle, Revology owners will feel confident in the knowledge that the companys quality reputation will pay dividends in terms of potential resale value. ( BLOG:The Verdict On Used Reproduction Car Values From The Experts”)

At Revology, the process of ensuring top quality vehicle assembly follows a similar approach to that of the automotive industrys leading major manufacturers.

With his years of senior level experience at various major automakers – from Ford to Jaguar to Nissan and Infiniti – Revology chief Scarpello has led the process and hired top manufacturing and engineering talent from major OEMs, including Honda and Volkswagen.

Revology technicians are trained to flag any defect found and then log these defects into an online quality-tracking list for each car. This helps us keep a record of what kind of defects are found and then determine if they are repeat offenders,” says Bill Huntington, Revologys director of production and manufacturing engineering. These items will be reviewed at our internal quality meetings and assigned to an action leader to determine root cause. Ultimately long term and short term countermeasures will be established to ensure that the issue is permanently fixed and does not return on future builds.  On top of this system we also perform structured production line quality checks on each car.

Production line quality checks can be broken down into three categories:

  1. Appearance – An ongoing visual inspection of the car (exterior and interior) during the production build. This helps us identify any visual discontinuity found before the car leaves the station, which prevents the issue from passing on to the next station,” says Huntington.
  2. Function testing – A simple check to confirm whether items are working as intended. An example would be powering the stereo system to ensure that it is working and sounding as expected.
  3. Cycle Testing – Items that require repetitive checking will be cycled (turned on/off, opened and closed, etc.) 30 times to see if there are any faults or issues found. An example would be with our door windows; we open and close these 30 times in a row to ensure that they function correctly, maintain a good seal and do not interfere with any component inside the door assembly.

At Revology Cars, we do these quality checks not just because this is what major automakers do, but also to ensure that our products are built to the highest level of quality,” says Tom Scarpello. Its what our customers expect and deserve.

First Class Build Quality Is Not Just A Goal At Revology Cars, It’s A Requirement.