Driving my new 1965 GT convertible is so much fun! It is a dream car. The performance is outstanding and the fit and finish is perfect.

Driving my new 1965 GT convertible is so much fun! It is a dream car. The performance is outstanding and the fit and finish is perfect. People wave and give me a thumbs up when they see the car and always ask “what year is the car?”. +

When I tell them it is a replica—new car—with keyless entry, new and very responsive engine, 10-speed transmission, robust suspension and brakes, automatic widows and power convertible top, and an ear thumping sound system, they are in AWE! I owned an authentic 1965 Mustang convertible for 12 years, but became increasing uncomfortable driving such a fragile car. The new ’65 is very robust. The Revology team are fantastic in every way imaginable, ensuring the car and your buying experience is perfect.

Mark S. | FL, USA | Production car #64

Driving her now is pure joy and she is so reliable and way safer. Would I do it again? ABSOLUTELY.

Revology turned my classic 1965 Mustang coupe that I have owned since 1986 into a Revology Mustang (car #26) last year. Although expensive, it was worth every penny. An even bigger issue was trusting Revology to do a modern restoration on the car I restored when I was a kid, but I have no regrets at all. +

Driving her now is pure joy and she is so reliable and way safer. I have driven her now for over a year with no problems, and I do my own maintenance work which is also surprisingly easy. I have had a few questions about maintenance and care along the way and the team at Revology (Yoshi, Tom, and Rich) are very quick to respond. Would I do it again? ABSOLUTELY.

William W. | Texas, USA | Production car #26

My Revology '68 Mustang is one of the best automobile decisions I’ve ever made.

I love my Revology '68 Mustang fastback! Absolutely. Love. It. I am grateful to Tom, Yoshi and their team for helping me attain what I always dreamed of - a classic ‘68 Mustang in a modern, reliable reincarnation. My '68 fastback is really a fun drive with quality performance and handling like a modern car. +

In addition, I really appreciate the up-to-date tech, including the disc brakes, power windows, reverse camera, navigation, JL Audio system, and especially the Apple CarPlay. I look for excuses to take it on the road. In fact, it has nearly become my daily driver! Although it was not necessary, I visited the Revology's Orlando production facility during the preproduction process. Tom and Yoshi made the build sheet configuration process very straight forward. I was able to choose from a variety of custom options, including exterior color, leather, and accessories as well as rims. The final product turned out EXACTLY the way I wanted. The response from people to the car has been impressive. The ‘68 fastback almost always turns heads and can at times cause friendly minor commotions. I find people slowing down and taking photos and videos when I’m on the highway, at gas stations or in parking lots. I often get asked what year it is, if it's an original or a restomod. Folks are astounded when I tell them it’s a brand new 2020 '1968 Mustang'. The look on their faces is priceless... Since getting my Revology, I made it a point to show it off to a couple of experienced mechanics, who do Mustang rebuilds and Coyote swaps. Their verdict was unanimous. The Revology Mustang is an absolute first class build! If you're considering a Revology, a visit to their facility is something I would definitely recommend, if at all possible. You will likely see a dozen or so brand new Revology Mustangs in various stages of production. The build process and workmanship are stunning. For dedicated admirers of the classic 1960s Mustangs, you'll feel like you've walked into Santa's "Mustang" Workshop!

Henry Z. | Florida, USA | Production Car #54

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