Welcome to Revology® Cars, manufacturer of new reproduction
1965-1968 Ford® Mustang® and Shelby® GT automobiles.

Revology Cars is officially licensed by Ford Motor Company and Shelby American to build new reproduction 1965-1968 Mustang and Shelby GT automobiles. We were the first company ever licensed by Ford to build a new reproduction Ford. This is a significant accomplishment and speaks to the high level of engineering, quality, and craftsmanship in every Revology product. These officially licensed cars are built on an assembly line and sold with a factory warranty. All components have been precisely engineered to work together in harmony, to ensure not only superior performance, but also improved reliability, drivability, comfort, and safety, compared to their 1960s counterparts.

Nobody builds classic Mustangs like Revology Cars. We have been dedicated exclusively to the development and manufacturing of the world’s best engineered and best built replicas of the 1965 to 1968 Mustang. This is all we do.

At Revology Cars, we don’t build them like they used to.

Quality rules as Revology expands with OEM-level processes

OEM approach

Revology Cars’ OEM approach results in a product with superior performance, quality, and value. We build every vehicle using the same platform. We designed the platform to accommodate OEM parts and systems, an approach that requires a considerable amount of engineering work yet generates huge benefits in functionality and serviceability. The result is a properly engineered and built automobile that not only looks great but is fun to drive and reliable as well.

Quality rules as Revology expands with OEM-level processes
Quality rules as Revology expands with OEM-level processes

Continuous improvement

At Revology Cars, we know how to integrate modern technology to improve driving enjoyment while preserving the style and character that made these cars iconic. Since 2014, we have developed over 300 functional improvements to enhance performance, reliability, drivability, comfort, and safety. All this work means that Revology vehicles deliver an unparalleled driving and ownership experience.

Manufacturing mindset

Revology Cars has more in common with OEMs like Ford and Ferrari than with the many custom and hot rod shops that turn out high end, “one-off” builds. We build a manufactured product which delivers superior functionality, both in terms of quality, reliability, and durability, but also in the overall refinement of the vehicle. What does all this mean? You get a properly developed automobile, designed to be driven and used in every operating environment and situation.

Quality rules as Revology expands with OEM-level processes


Quality rules as Revology expands with OEM-level processes

You get what you pay for with Revology Cars!

Departed Orlando Wed Aug 9, up to The Villages (overnight), then to Marietta GA (overnight), then to Louisville KY (overnight), then a pit stop in Indy (visit niece). Chicago arrival 7:00pm Sat Aug 12. Approx. 1100 miles. Average speed 75-80mph on the interstate. Approx 6 hours each day, 3 in the a.m., 3 in the p.m. Pavement conditions were very good throughout the trip. Two rain storms. +

Powertrain, exhaust, suspension and electrical all performed as expected. Coyote wanted to go faster, but I kept it 80 and below for this trip. She also has a great sound throughout the gears and when she’s cruising at high speed; kind of like a Rolls Royce Merlin. Great feedback through my fingertips on the steering wheel. Almost no suspension vibration, minimal tire/pavement vibes. Ride comfort was excellent throughout... I was able to take several videos on the interstate with my hand-held phone camera while steering with my left hand. Ride was so smooth, the video almost looks like a GoPro video shot. Sample attached. Interior controls and finishes are a visual delight. Sound system has great ranges of settings to optimize the cabin listening experience at low speeds, high speeds, window closed, window open. I’m very happy with the exterior and interior color combinations. I’ll be getting the driver and passenger windows tinted and will send pictures. Of course, she turned a lot of heads. Pretty constant feedback with a statement “Wow, she/it’s gorgeous!”, followed by a question “How much?”. #171 has filled the hole that was left in my heart by the loss of my ‘61 Vette. I knew after my test drive that I was ready to graduate to a new classic. I know that owning a Revology Mustang is a special gift and requires a higher awareness of its art and science. #171 will enjoy a lifetime of the best care available and I will be shouting the praises of Revology Cars to all who will listen. Hopefully, I can send some referrals. To you and your team, a heartfelt “thank you” for a great experience throughout - from inquiry to delivery to driving home, your process and product is first class and worth every penny. You get what you pay for with Revology Cars. Congratulations on all of your success.

Chris S. | IL, USA | Production car #171

I can just drive it not worrying about any mechanical failure.

The Revology is the one car in my collection where I can just drive it and never worry about mechanical failure. I have had the car now for three years and this is probably the longest test I have done, just under 2000 kms of uninterrupted driving. I pushed it really hard, I really went to the limit and beyond.”

Clinton V. | Botswana | Production car #59

I love everything about the car, I love the way it drives, I love the look and feel of it.

When I am driving that's my first choice. I drive this car everywhere. I love everything about the car, I love the way it drives, I love the look and feel of it. I like to call this car a "daily driver". *Photo Credit : MotorTrend

Kevin H. | CA, USA | Production car #61

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Quality rules as Revology expands with OEM-level processes

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Quality rules as Revology expands with OEM-level processes

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Quality rules as Revology expands with OEM-level processes

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Quality rules as Revology expands with OEM-level processes

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Welcome To Revology Performance!

Revology Performance is the parts & accessories division of Revology Cars. We offer restomod performance parts & component kits for 1964.5-1970 Mustangs.