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The concept for Revology Cars came to me many years ago, while I was working at Ford Motor Company. It was sparked by a question I would often be asked at auto shows: “Why doesn’t Ford bring back the original Mustang?”

The enthusiasm for Mustang is well documented and Ford clearly recognizes the brand value of its iconic pony car. Since the mid-1990s Ford has worked hard to give later generation Mustangs styling cues from the original 1960s models. However, for many people, there is no substitute for the original, which was designed at a time of unbridled creativity and artistic expression, not only in automobiles, but in music and fashion as well.

This explains the growth of the so-called restomod segment, where older designs are being given new life with new hardware.

However, there is more to building a restomod than simply bolting on later model parts – a change to one vehicle system will impact other vehicle systems.  If not engineered properly, the vehicle’s performance, reliability, comfort and/or safety will be compromised.

So I conceived the notion of a reproduction Mustang as a properly engineered vehicle, the way Ford might do it if it were to bring the original Mustang back to market.  The idea was to create a car with all of the classic style and character of the original, but with the functionality of modern technology.

The result is the Revology Mustang, engineered to the highest standards and developed with the latest and best systems and components.

Cars today are very refined, perhaps to the point they have lost a bit of character.
But now, with a Revology Mustang it is possible to have the best of both worlds – classic style with modern functionality.

The market seems to agree with us – we have had a backlog of orders since we launched. Now, we are expanding our production capacity and adding new models. We have a talented team of engineers and technicians who design and build our vehicles to the highest level. Our intention is to deliver the best-built, best performing, most fun-to-drive specialty automobiles on the market, for people who value quality and appreciate attention to detail.

This is my life’s work. Everything I have learned in almost 35 years in the automotive industry, rolled up into one very special line of products. I hope you enjoy them!

Founder and CEO

Tom Scarpello