October 2014

Revology Cars gains Ferrari skills

The expertise of a renowned Ferrari restorer is being added to the talent pool at Revology Cars, which is producing re-engineered versions of classic cars, including the original Ford Mustang.

Dan Maas joins Revology as technical director on November 1 and will lead the company in developing an innovative interpretation of the classic 1964 1/2-1966 Ford Mustang. The re-engineered Mustang will use modern components and manufacturing processes to improve performance, reliability, durability, fuel economy, safety, and comfort, while retaining the original’s character and style.

Maas is a seasoned automotive technical expert, with extensive experience in all aspects of automobile restoration, from repair and fabrication of both steel and aluminum bodies, to paint, trim, powertrain, and electrical systems.

Most recently, Maas managed design and engineering projects at Motion Products Inc., one of the world’s preeminent Ferrari restoration facilities. Dan’s cars have won prestigious awards at Pebble Beach, Cavallino, and the Ferrari Nationals.

“It is such an advantage to have someone with Dan’s extensive experience on the Revology team,” states Tom Scarpello, Revology’s CEO and former head of Ford’s Special Vehicle Team. “This is a man who knows how to build multi-million dollar cars that regularly win first place trophies at the world’s preeminent collector car concours events. He will be a great asset to our company.”

Maas says: “I am thrilled to be joining a company that understands product excellence at the ‘world class’ level. Focusing my efforts at Revology will be natural as I have been very much a part of the domestic car world for many years. And my Ferrari restoration experiences will translate into a car of extreme high quality standards”.

Maas started his career as an electrical technician in the U.S. Air Force. From there, he entered the automobile restoration business, working with Rolls Royce and Duesenberg cars, among other top marques. Maas worked in the automotive collision industry for several years, eventually moving to Motion Products where he focused on some of the most exotic and challenging restorations imaginable, for a demanding clientele that includes many well-known celebrities.

About Revology Cars

As the name implies, Revology focuses on automotive “re-engineering” and “evolution”. The concept behind the company is to bring a scientific approach to the restoration of classic automobiles, utilizing modern components and manufacturing processes to “evolve” them, to improve their performance, reliability, durability, fuel economy, safety, and comfort, while retaining their essential character and style.

Revology automobiles will be built from original, authentic, titled and registered classic vehicles. The bodies will feature all-new structural steel along with proprietary modifications to improve torsional rigidity, and will be welded in setup fixtures and laser aligned to ensure perfect dimensions. Powertrains, suspensions, and brakes will be sourced from modern vehicles, resulting in an extraordinary driving experience. Modern comfort and convenience features will be seamlessly integrated into the classic designs.

Revology presently has prototype vehicles in development. Production of the first Revology model, based on a classic Mustang, is planned for Spring 2015, at a target price of $125,000. Revology will release more specific information in November.

Revology Cars, Inc. is based in Winter Park, Florida.

For information contact:
John McCormick
(734) 604-4768