July 2022

Global automaker Revology Cars exports American muscle to some unlikely places

Devoted fans of the original Ford Mustang can be found worldwide, and few are more passionate than Revology Cars’ far-flung owners.

Take South African Clinton Van Vuuren for example. Clinton came across Revology online several years ago and purchased a 1968 GT 2+2 Fastback in Highland Green.

Owner of a petroleum company, Clinton lives in Botswana but spends time in neighboring South Africa. His Revology Mustang joins a collection of more than 60 classic vehicles, mostly early Land Rover and Toyota off-road models, plus an early Corvette and Ferrari.

“I’ve been racing cars and bikes all my life. I love older cars,”

says Clinton.

Of his prized collection, Clinton finds that his Revology Mustang is the car he spends much of the time driving.

“I can’t go any distance in most of my cars, without having someone following with a toolbox,” says Clinton.

“I’ve had the Revology Mustang for three years with not a single issue. And I love the fact that it can be serviced at Ford dealerships, because the components are modern Ford parts and the service computers can talk to the car.”

Clinton says he keeps most of his cars in storage. “But the Revology is the one car that stays in my garage at my home, because it is so dependable and fun to drive.”

There are no original Mustangs in Botswana, but there are a few in South Africa, says Clinton. “But the restomods are nothing like as good as the car Revology builds.

“I like the absence of driver aids in the Revology Mustang, except for ABS. It has none of the modern things like blind spot detection and I love that. It takes you back to the fun era of driving.

“Tom Scarpello (Revology CEO) is a real petrol head like the rest of us, he knows what should and shouldn’t be in the car.”

Clinton says that driving the Revology Mustang around South Africa always evokes positive reactions from other drivers and pedestrians.

“The thing is the Revology Mustang spreads love and joy everywhere,” he says. “People love the car, whereas in a modern Porsche or Ferrari people think you are a snob.”

Move around the globe to the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe and we find hardcore Mustang lover and Revology owner, Igor Podgaietsky. Now working in the water department in Guadeloupe, Igor decided to buy a certified pre-owned 1966 GT Convertible from Revology a few years ago.

The car itself lives in France, Igor’s native home, where it joins other Mustangs, old and new, belonging to the Podgaietsky family.

classic Mustang

Igor’s love for Mustangs started as a child when his father, an oil company executive, bought a 1969 Boss 302 Mustang in France. “There were five of us and every day my mother would drive us to school in the Mustang.

The family used the Mustang exclusively as they moved around Europe, including spells in Norway and the UK.

Later, Igor started buying his own classic Mustangs, including a 1969 Mach 1 and a 1968 Fastback. His wife, daughter and son also own various Mustangs, including a 2018 Mustang Bullitt.

“We are a big Mustang family. We love them,” says Igor. “When I discovered Revology, I said we only live once and time is passing so I made a deal for the car. I was surprised they were making a brand new car like this. I thought it was great.”

How do Igor’s family and friends react to the Revology Mustang? “They are very impressed. When they see the car can be locked remotely, they realize that it is new. Before that they can’t tell, if you don’t open the hood, if it is an old or new Mustang.

Igor keeps his Revology Mustang in a small town near Nimes in central France. “We are in a local classic car club and use the car for relaxing and cruising with friends. I love that the Revology Mustang has the feeling of the old car, but the convenience of the new version.”