February 2024

A thoughtful and highly personalized process makes ordering your Revology Mustang a most enjoyable experience

So, you’ve been browsing the Revology Cars website and YouTube channel checking out the company’s Mustang and Shelby GT models, but you’re not sure which one is right for you.  Don’t worry, Revology has you covered. 

The number of ways you can configure a Revology Mustang can seem at first to be overwhelming,” says Yoshi Amano, Revology Cars marketing and sales director.  “But that’s why I’m here—to help clients spec out the Mustang or Shelby GT of their dreams.”

Revology Cars caters to people who love the idea of a classic car designed with modern technology to improve reliability, durability, performance, and comfort. But potential buyers do not need to be classic car experts or mechanically knowledgeable to find the perfect car. 

“We’ve done all the work up front to make buying one of our cars very straightforward.  It is similar to ordering a new car from Ferrari or Porsche,” says Amano. “You don’t need to spec out the size of the brake rotors or things like that, because we have already made all those decisions.”

“If you aren’t into technical specifications, but just want a unique, incredibly cool, yet reliable classic car, that’s fine, because we will handle the details. On the other hand, for people who really want to talk about mechanical elements, and who have questions about why we don’t use 20-inch wheels or why the rear axle ratio is an 8.8 inch instead of a 9 inch, I can answer.”

Amano explains that she starts the sales conversation with a prospective buyer with a few basic questions: Do you have a specific model you like, do you have a budget, and why are you buying?

“I act like an advisor or consultant to the buyer. I like to learn what kind of car the person drives every day and what kind of car they have for fun to use on the weekend. The answers can lead to choosing to go with the naturally aspirated V8 engine, versus the 710 hp supercharged version, whether to opt for an automatic or manual transmission, and whether to spec wider tires.”

Amano notes that after selling over 200 cars to date, she has built up a useful database of what customers have liked or regretted about their specification choices. For instance, people who selected a manual transmission and then found that a family member who wanted to drive the car would have preferred an automatic. “It’s important to consider what the various family members who might drive the car would like.”

For the buyer who is too busy to spend a lot of time on details, Amano will handle the process swiftly and efficiently with summaries and email exchanges. Typically, the purchase process can take from a few weeks to several months. “This is not a common automobile; this is a unique and very special car.  I respect that and I want the buyer’s experience to be very special.”

To ease the purchase process, Revology Cars has an online model configurator. There is a build page for each of the nine models that Revology offers, and Amano can walk buyers through the configurator to show them exterior and interior color, wheels and audio system options.

Overall, there are not a lot of options, so the process is not that complex, says Amano. Once the build page is completed, the buyer will receive a confirmation sheet with all the details of the order and a price.

In Amano’s experience, some buyers will approve the purchase immediately, or some will take several months or longer to make up their minds. “We are here regardless of the time frame. Sometimes people will get back to us when they see a new color offered or some other detail. They can take the time they need.  When they are ready, we will be ready.”

The financial process calls for four payments; 25 percent of the price on initial order, which secures the production slot, 25 percent when production starts, 25 percent when the car is painted, and the last payment upon completion. Currently, from start to finish, production is taking about six months.

For delivery, Amano can help customers with arranging enclosed transportation with specific companies, or the buyer can make their own arrangements.

Revology also offers clients a facility tour.  Amano or one of her team members will walk buyers through the facility, including the 26 assembly stations and multiple sub-assembly stations, so clients get a thorough understanding of the build process.

One very popular element of the communication process is a weekly photo update on their car’s progress during production.

The client care provided by Amano does not end with the sale itself. Revology Cars’ parts and service department is on hand to take care of any issues that might develop. “And our service manager will walk you through any element of the car you want guidance on, much like a concierge service.”

For anyone interested in a Revology car, you can learn directly from owners what it’s like to buy and own one of the company’s Mustang or Shelby models by going to the following Revology website: https://revologycars.com/testimonials/