The Mustang GT is equipped with the 460hp Ford Gen 3 5.0L Ti-VCT DOHC “Coyote” V8 engine.


Choose between a six-speed manual and an electronically controlled ten-speed automatic transmission, both with overdrive for effortless highway cruising and excellent fuel mileage.

Performance Brake Package

The Mustang GT is equipped with high performance power brakes featuring 12.88” slotted and ventilated rotors w/ 6 piston front and 4 piston rear calipers.

Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

Carbon fiber is the choice for high performance driveline applications due to its high strength and light weight, but it is also more forgiving than steel or aluminum, which serves to reduce driveline harshness, improving the overall level of refinement of the vehicle and making it more enjoyable to drive.

Exhaust System

The stainless steel dual exhaust system is built by Borla to our specification. Tuned specifically for the Ford Coyote engine, it delivers a soft burble at idle and is quiet with no drone at cruise speed. The optional Performance Exhaust system features lower restriction mufflers to provide more power and a more aggressive tone.


A precisely tuned double wishbone suspension and power rack and pinion steering deliver modern handling.


Power assisted features abound, including windows, seats, steering, and brakes. Keyless entry and push button start with rolling code encryption enhance security. The Revology-designed full-length console features genuine Flat Cut Walnut trim and two cupholders, and the premium bucket seats are trimmed in Nappa leather. LED instrument and interior lighting enhances visibility and convenience at night.


LED reverse and parking lamps, tail lamps w/sequential turn signals, exterior door handle courtesy lamps, and optional LED headlamps provide improved visibility at night as well as a distinctive appearance, day or night.

The Revology paint process consists of an epoxy primer, urethane primer, basecoat, and clearcoat. We use exclusively Glasurit automotive paint finishes for the ultimate in appearance and durability. Contemporary OEM colors from Ferrari, Porsche, Lexus, and others also available.

Hood Hinges

All Revology Mustangs and Shelby GTs feature aluminum hood hinges with nitrogen filled struts for stable, quiet, and reliable operation—a notable improvement over the wobbly, squeaky 1960s hinges.


Revology 1967 and 1968 Mustangs and Shelby GTs feature modern door hinges and door latch mechanisms.  While it doesn’t sound very sexy, these modern components make the car much more enjoyable to use.  No more squeaks and creaks as you open the doors—they open smoothly and quietly, and close with a solid “thunk”.  When closed, the precisely latched doors contribute to the overall rigidity of the body.    

Decklid Latch

If you’ve ever owned a 1960s automobile, you are familiar with having to slam the decklid multiple times to get it to stay shut.  To address this problem, we’ve equipped all Revology Mustangs and Shelby GTs with a modern decklid latch and striker mechanism.  The decklid can be opened using the key fob remote, via a release button located on the dash, or via an emergency release.    

Polyurethane Bonded Windshield and Backlite Glass

All Revology Mustangs and Shelby GTs come standard with polyurethane bonded windshield and backlite (fastback models) glass.   Polyurethane bonding is the way all modern automotive glass is secured not only because it seals better than rubber but also because it makes the glass part of the body structure, increasing body rigidity.  Increased rigidity reduces noise, vibration, and harshness, but most importantly improves safety, as the stiffer roof is less likely to crush in a roll over and the glass won’t pop out and allow passengers to be ejected in a collision.  

100% Steel Unibody

Modern cars all feature unibody, or monocoque, construction because it is stiffer and lighter than body on frame.  For a unibody vehicle, the body provides the structure for the powertrain and chassis, which makes it much more important that it is designed and built properly.  To ensure the structural rigidity and tight tolerances that allow the packaging of powerful new engines, we reengineered the Mustang unibody with added structural components and additional welds for increased strength.  We build all Revology unibodies in-house, using locating fixtures, jigs, and templates to ensure proper dimensional control and sophisticated automated spot-welding equipment that senses the thickness and composition of metal that is being welded and applies the proper amount of current to ensure good quality welds.   

Charging System

A convenient 4.3A on board trickle charger connects via a magnetic contact under the rear bumper to keep your battery charged even while the car is not driven for long periods.


Three point front seat belts, a dual circuit braking system, fuel shutoff inertia switch, collapsible steering shaft, and optional front seat head restraints help protect occupants in the event of a collision.

Entertainment Systems

The standard audio system looks like the original AM radio but features AM/FM, Bluetooth, and an AUX input. The optional Pioneer 7″touch screen head units feature Bluetooth, reverse camera, voice recognition, Apple Car Play, and Android Auto and can be ordered with or without navigation and SiriusXM. The optional FOCAL Audio package features component speakers, an 720w 8 channel class AB amplifier, and a 10” enclosed subwoofer. 

Leather and Alcantara™ Trim Packages

All Revology interiors are cut, sewn, and fitted by hand, including seats, floor mats, dash pad, door panels, quarter trim panels, and sun visors. This old-world craftsmanship takes time but allows freedom to choose materials and colors to ensure not only a flawless appearance but also everyday durability. We use only automotive grade leather and other materials from premium OEMs including Porsche, Mercedes, and Ferrari.

Wool Carpeting

Ultra-rich 100% wool German square weave carpeting w/ hand-sewn leather seams and bindings. Includes floor mats.

Fit and Finish

The Revology Mustang body is assembled with all-new steel panels. These panels are painstakingly fit by hand to ensure exceptional fit and flushness.


Show Transcript +

Hi, I'm Tom Scarpello of Revology Cars. And this is car number 81, a 1968 Mustang 2+2 Fastback in Highland Green Metallic with Porsche Black Nappa leather interior. So, one of the things, of the many things that, differentiates a Revology Mustang from the rest of the pack, is the interior. We do all of our interiors in house. There's a team of skilled technicians that this is all they do. This car is equipped with our walnut veneer trim. And this is kind of a riff on the deluxe interior in 1968, which had a simulated wood applique. Of course, we've done this in genuine walnut veneer. The inserts are laser cut by a company up in Michigan, and we install them at our facility. The attention to detail, I mean, just something as seemingly minor as a door panel. There's a tremendous amount of work that goes into a door panel. Look at this door panel. This is not a reproduction or aftermarket door panel. This is something we've actually designed in house. So it starts with the backer, kind of a composite material that's laser cut, and it just fits perfectly the contour of the door. Then that backer is wrapped in leather with the Porsche Nappa leather. There's a trim piece, and this is not plastic. This is actually stainless steel. And we have a fixture that we use to mold it. And it's painstakingly bent around this fixture to get exactly this shape. Then your insert here, this is also leather. This is perforated leather. And this is made in another fixture that keeps the seams precisely. I mean, if you were measuring this, the seams are like within a half a millimeter of each other. This was all designed on CAD. And the technician can lay this piece into the fixture to sew the seams exactly the same distance from one another. So you look at the door panel, you think it's a door panel, but you don't really realize all of the effort, work and hours of design work, development work, tooling, and then the actual assembly to get this kind of level of quality and craftsmanship. So here's something interesting. Now, brands. The concept of a brand has been around for literally thousands of years. Probably started with cattle ranchers would brand their cattle bricks, other things that craftsmen built and branded to differentiate their product, to be able to justify a premium price that's evolved so much to the modern day. Yet in the Restomod segment, which is just booming, continues to grow. There's like little or no branding. There's almost no branding, which says people aren't really differentiating among the Restomod builds that are out there. Now, you can forgive people for thinking that way, because modern automobiles are commodities. You look at an Accord versus a Camry or a five series BMW versus an E-Class Mercedes. You know, they're differentiated on design, but in terms of functionality, quality, durability, they're all extremely competitive and could be considered a commodity. So I guess I can understand why people might just assume that it's the case with a Restomod. But what's really different is the OEMs will spend literally billions of dollars developing a new vehicle. A Restomod builder, his investment is pretty much limited to the parts that he's bolting into the car. So it's a totally different deal. And the level of quality and craftsmanship and the different Restomods that are out there for sale is incredibly diverse. It doesn't take a lot of skill to put together a car that looks good and can cross an auction block under its own power, but to have a car that you would drive, literally drive every day and function like a modern automobile, and it doesn't squeak and rattle and doesn't leak and electrical problems. All of that stuff that you don't really see, you don't appreciate until you drive it, that's hard. That's really where the skill and the expertise come in. At Revology, we differentiate ourselves in a lot of ways. One is that we only build cars off of one platform. Literally everything that we've done has been off of our M58 platform. It's all we do. ‘65 to ‘68 Mustangs. They all feature our unibody, built in house, our interior, our platform, our electrical system and that's how we are able to consistently build quality vehicles to a very high level of craftsmanship. It's manufacturing, basically. It's not custom. Gosh, the more custom you are, the more things that can go wrong. In manufacturing you want to eliminate variability. And we back up our cars with a warranty. So you get a one year, bumper to bumper, unlimited mileage warranty. There's two-year warranty on the powertrain. There's five years rust and corrosion warranty on the body. It's all about the promise that we make to our client in terms of our commitment to delivering a high quality, well-built automobile. That's branding. I'm certain that someday people will really start to understand and appreciate the differences in the level of builds from different Restomod builders, and branding will really start to be an important differentiator. I'm not saying we're the only company that builds a really well sorted Restomod. But I will say for this car, ‘65 to ‘68 Mustang, there's nobody doing it better, that's for sure!  

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