Recreating the Magic: The Revology Mustang

Revology founder Tom Scarpello, whose first car was a ’65 Mustang fastback, is a former Ford, Jaguar and Nissan executive. He describes his new Mustang as a “postmodern interpretation that blends the style and character of the original, while it integrates modern technology to improve performance, safety, reliability and comfort.”

Along with 1965–’66 Mustang convertibles and fastbacks, the company is also licensed to produce Shelby Mustang replicas. Revology has completed seven cars with 10 more under construction at the time of our visit. They have enough orders in the queue to keep them busy for months.

Who is buying these cars? “Male baby boomers,” Tom said. “They like the idea of the classic Mustang style with modern comfort, safety and reliability. Some are collectors. In fact, we’re now building a GT350H for a collector who owns an original. We also have a few younger customers who simply think it’s cool to be able to drive a classic Mustang every day, especially one with a warranty, and they have the discretionary income to afford it.”

With prices north of $162,500 (depending on options), this modern Mustang appeals to a relatively small niche of the motoring public, but Tom told us that interest is high and continues to grow. Orders have come from buyers in the U.S., Ethiopia, Russia, Sweden, Israel, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.