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Revology Cars adds a modern 5.0-liter option to its neoclassic Mustang

If you are a longtime follower of the Ford’s Special Vehicle Team, you will no doubt remember the name Tom Scarpello. He was once the head of Ford SVT, so he knows a thing or two about building hot Mustangs. These days Tom is running the new company he […]


Revology Cars Introduces Coyote 5.0L Engine Option

Revology Cars has taken the Mustang world by the short hairs and have shaken things up with their replica Mustang program. Revology’s 1965-1966 Mustang replicas are turnkey Mustangs built to the owner’s color and option choices and utilize a replica […]


New/old Mustang on the way with modern muscle and classic looks

Just then, Moray Callum. Ford’s vice president of Design, walked over to look and liked what he saw.  “I think it’s fantastic that someone is taking the original Mustang and making it usable for today; the ability of getting up in the morning and […]


The Ford 1965 Mustang Gets Updated in the Revology Mustang

Always loved the look of the classic American muscle car but couldn’t face the degree of maintenance required? Take a look at the Revology Mustang, which sports an outward appearance identical to a Ford-licensed 1965 Mustang body, but completely […]


Revology wants to sell you a post-modern interpretation of the original Mustang

Modern cars, it’s often said, lack both the style and the soul of cars from the past, but there’s no denying the fact that they’re generally faster, more fuel efficient, and safer. The best of both worlds, then, would be a modern car wrapped in […]


Startup company manufactures ‘new’ 1964 Ford Mustang replica that has all the latest technology – for the very 21st century price of $120,000

The original maybe more than 50 years old, but you can once again take to the road in a brand new Ford Mustang.
A Florida startup company called Revology is selling a clone of the first-generation car, souped up for the 21st century.
You won’t be able […]


The Revology Mustang Is The Singer Porsche Of Pony Cars

I was hoping more companies would adopt Singer and Icon’s methods of building insanely great retro vehicles upgraded with modern comforts and technology. It looks like Florida-based Revology is the next builder to join those ranks, and they’re doing it […]


This is a brand new old Mustang

The body and shape you’ll recognise from the 1960s. The drivetrain, chassis and creature comforts? Very much not from the 1960s. This is Revology Cars’ brand new, old Ford Mustang.

Yep, in the vein of Singer’s rather glorious 911, the […]


You Can Now Own a Classic Mustang With All-Modern Features

You love classic cars, right? Of course, silly question. But what keeps most most guys from owning old classics is…well, the oldness. Which is where this newly announced Mustang mod comes in. As with recent “restomods” like the Singer 911, the people […]

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