Classic Mustang reborn with a modern twist


Dearborn, MI – One of America’s best-loved cars, the original Ford Mustang, is being reborn. Revology Cars, founded by Tom Scarpello, formerly head of Ford’s Special Vehicle Team, will produce versions of classic cars, including the Mustang, that feature modern technology and features.

Auto industry veteran Scarpello says: “I love classic cars, but I don’t love the way they drive. A lot of people agree with me, judging by the exploding interest in ‘restomods’ (classic cars updated with modern components to improve performance and driveability).”

Scarpello, whose industry career includes senior posts at Ford, Jaguar, Nissan and Infiniti, stresses that building a proper restomod is much more complicated than a typical street rod. “To do it right,” he says, “you need to take a disciplined engineering and manufacturing approach, similar to the way OEMs build cars.”

According to Scarpello, classic automobile enthusiasts used to value originality above all else. “Today, however, consumer expectations have advanced and people are finding that carefully and professionally modified classic cars are an exciting alternative,” he says. “If the car is built right, the market potential for this type of vehicle is very significant.”

About Revology Cars

As the name implies, Revology focuses on automotive “re-engineering” and “evolution”. The concept behind the company is to bring a scientific approach to the restoration of classic automobiles, utilizing modern components and manufacturing processes to “evolve” them, to improve their performance, reliability, durability, fuel economy, safety, and comfort, while retaining their essential character and style.

Revology automobiles will be built from original, authentic, titled and registered classic vehicles. The bodies will feature all-new structural steel along with proprietary modifications to improve torsional rigidity, and will be welded in setup fixtures and laser aligned to ensure perfect dimensions. Powertrains, suspensions, and brakes will be sourced from modern vehicles, resulting in an extraordinary driving experience. Modern comfort and convenience features will be seamlessly integrated into the classic designs.

Revology presently has prototype vehicles in development. Production of the first Revology model, based on a classic Mustang, is planned for Spring 2015, at a target price of $125,000. Revology will release more specific information this fall.

Revology Cars, Inc. is based in Winter Park, Florida.

For information contact: John McCormick (734) 604-4768

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