the Revology Mustang

Revology 1966 Mustang K-GT Convertible 

  • Sauterne Gold (1966 color code “Z”) exterior, Ivy Gold/White Pony interior
  • 430hp 6.2L LS3 V8, factory fuel injection, all-aluminum, 50-state emissions certified
  • Pioneer AVIC8100NEX entertainment system with 7” touch screen, navigation, Bluetooth, SiriusXM, Apple CarPlay, voice recognition
  • 5 ¼” mid-range/1” tweeter Pioneer component speakers in front, 5 ¼” coaxial mid, and dual 8” subwoofers rear, 5ch power amplifier
  • Rear view camera
  • Leather covered dash pad
  • Genuine flat-cut Walnut cluster, glove box, and console trim
  • Console, leather wrapped, w/ cupholders, storage, AUX/USB inputs, redundant switches
  • Vintage Air Gen IV A/C system w/ OEM underdash faceplate
  • Power windows, door locks, and remote keyless entry
  • GT equipment group, including fog lamps, GT badging, and GT exhaust trumpets
  • LED exterior, interior, and instrument lighting
  • Borla dual exhaust, 2.5” mandrel bent
  • Electronically controlled automatic transmission w/ overdrive
  • Ford 9 inch rear axle, TrueTrac limited slip differential, 3.50 ratio
  • Double wishbone front suspension w/ single adjustable coil over shocks
  • 4-link rear suspension w/ single adjustable coil over shocks
  • Power rack and pinion steering
  • Power four-wheel disc brakes
Introduced on April 17, 1964, the original Ford Mustang was an instant sensation.  Now, over 50 years later, it is a cultural icon and an enduring symbol of America’s love affair with the automobile. 
Today’s Mustang is a technological marvel, but there is nothing quite like the original Mustang for style and character.  Trouble is, who wants to drive a 50 year old vehicle?  Compared to modern cars, cars of this era leave a lot to be desired when it comes to performance, reliability, safety, and comfort. 
Until now, that is.  Revology Cars has introduced a fully reengineered version of the original Ford Mustang, that looks original but features modern technology and materials to improve performance, reliability, drivability, comfort, safety, and to reduce carbon emissions.  The cars are built from brand-new 100% steel unibodies with engines and other major components supplied by Ford and GM. 


The body is the foundation of any build, so it has to be perfect.  We have all seen too many so-called “rust free” cars that are really just full of hacked together replacement metal and bondo.  The only way to know you truly have a rust-free shell is to start with a new one.  Today, only Dynacorn Classic Bodies offers a Ford-licensed steel body for the early Mustang, and this is exactly what Revology uses for its Mustang builds.  Even though the body shell is delivered complete, Revology invests another several hundred hours finessing the panel fits and flushness, and adding structure to improve body stiffness to handle the increased power of modern engines, and adding space to house modern electronics, including engine and transmission modules, fuse blocks, and the additional wiring required to operate the sophisticated modern features.  The end result is a new, 100% steel body that fits better than anything that rolled off the Ford assembly line in 1966.  Modern epoxy primer and body sealers ensure protection from rust and corrosion, and top of the line Glasurit primer, paint, and clear coat are used for a flawless finish that looks like it belongs on a Bentley.  The original Mustang was noisy by modern standards, so the Revology Mustang is extensively sound-proofed, with no fewer than five different types of sound deadening material, designed to damp specific frequencies depending on location in the car.  Even the hood and trunk have sound deadening material, like a modern car.  This solidly engineered and expertly crafted body is the foundation for a truly exceptional automobile. 


Sauterne Gold is an original 1966 color, code “Z”.  With so many repainted “resale red” Mustangs around, it is refreshing to see one in an original color, that was very much in vogue in the 1960s.  “K-code” is Ford lingo for the 271hp 289ci Ford small block, the highest performance engine available in 1966.  With a 4bbl carb, manual choke, and solid lifters, it produced big power for the time, and is highly esteemed by collectors.  The GT package was only available on 225hp and 271hp engine cars, so the “K-GT” is the most desirable of any of the Mustang models.  This car faithfully replicates the K-GT exterior motif, with the “289 Hi Performance” engine badge, and GT fog lamps, badging, exhaust trumpets, and fuel cap.  Of course, these GT fog lamps are modern LEDs, not the old sealed beam type.  In fact, all exterior lighting, including the head lamps, tail lamps, park lamps, and reverse lamps, are LED.  The door handles even feature LED lighting, that illuminates when you press the “unlock” button on the key fob!  A modern, powered radio antenna is hidden behind the bodywork and means the exterior styling is not marred by a large antenna sticking out of the fender. The design of the 16x8” styled aluminum wheel is based on the 14x5.5” styled steel wheel that was an option in 1966.  The larger wheel allows fitment of a modern 225/50VR16 tire for far superior ride and handling, plus they look great!


Die-hard Ford loyalists may not want to admit it, but everyone who knows anything about cars respects and even reveres the GM LS3.  LS3s are the go-to swap engine for everything from Land Rovers to Miatas, and it is for good reason.  This engine, originally developed for the Corvette, is powerful and lightweight, with bulletproof reliability.  Revology retains the factory calibration so the engine and 4L65E automatic transmission work together to ensure smooth and reliable operation in any operating condition.  Aftermarket fuel injection systems simply cannot match the sophistication of an OEM calibration, developed over thousands of hours with several million dollars of investment.  Nor do they carry a two-year warranty, like this one does.  The engine breathes through a custom 2.5” stainless steel mandrel bent exhaust system developed by Borla, specifically for Revology.  This engine is equipped with catalytic converters and an evaporative emissions system so that it meets modern emissions standards; in fact, it comes with a 50-state emissions certificate, which is even recognized by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), which has the strictest standards for air pollution in the U.S., if not the world.  This engine, with twice the power of the K-code 289, produces less than 0.5% of the emissions of the 289.  In other words, 200 Revology Mustangs with this engine produce fewer emissions than one 1966 Mustang 289 engine!  We think that is amazing.  Underhood, the installation appears factory with OEM connectors and hardware.  You will shock and awe onlookers when you pop the hood on this machine.      


Revology builds cars that don’t just look great in your garage, they actually feel great to drive.  This is no mean feat.  Countless hours of chassis development time result in an exceptional blend of performance handling and ride comfort.  The front suspension is a double-wishbone design, long considered the gold standard for optimal steering geometry.  The rear suspension is a four-link, for excellent stability and isolation from road noise.  Adjustable coil over shocks are carefully matched to bushing and spring rates.  The steering is a modern power assisted rack and pinion unit, and the brakes are power four wheel disc. The parking brake is electronic, activated by a pushbutton under the dash.  All fluid lines, including brake lines, transmission lines, and even the windshield washer fluid lines, are stainless.  The 9” rear features a TrueTrac limited slip differential and 3.50 ratio, and is manufactured to Revology’s exacting specifications by Currie Engineering, leaders in driveline components for over 40 years.  It is powder coated and even has a drain plug, a feature that wasn’t even standard on factory 9” rears.   


Details abound in the interior as well.  Click the unlock button on the key fob and the power doors unlock.  Open the door, and the interior is illuminated by soft LED lighting.  The expertly fitted OEM-style Pony seats look exactly like what you would have seen had you checked the Deluxe interior option box on the Mustang order form in 1966, but look closely, for these seats feature power fore-aft, with a rocker switch located where the old lever used to be.  The window crank handle activates the power windows – push down to lower, pull up to raise.  The dash, which in the old days was molded in vinyl, is leather covered.  The steering column is a collapsible one, with a tilt feature.  The instrument cluster bezel, glove box door, and console, which used to feature a plastic fake woodgrain, features genuine flat cut Walnut wood inlays, laser cut to fit perfectly.  The console is a Revology exclusive, featuring stainless steel trim, leather cover, two cupholders and a hidden compartment for redundant power window switches, a door lock switch, and USB/AUX inputs.  A Vintage Air Gen IV A/C system w/ OEM underdash faceplate keeps things cool inside while the entertainment system is state-of-the-art featuring a Pioneer AVIC8100NEX entertainment system with 7” touch screen, navigation, Bluetooth, SiriusXM, Apple CarPlay, voice recognition, 5 ¼” mid-range/1” tweeter Pioneer component speakers in front, 5 ¼” coaxial mid, and dual 8” subwoofers in the rear, and a 5ch power amplifier.  Front seat belts are 3-point units with an inertia retractor mechanism that senses rapid deceleration to lock the belts, and safety is further enhanced by a rear view camera.
When you consider the level of engineering, quality craftsmanship, and overall content in this build, it is easy to see that at this price, this car is an amazing value.  If you were to commission a build of this level at a qualified shop, it would easily run over $200k, perhaps as much as $250k.  Revology can offer it at this price because all of their cars are built on an assembly line.  That’s right, the same technique that allowed Henry Ford to reduce the price of the automobile so the working man could afford it, is employed by Revology to keep their costs down and quality up.  It is worth mentioning that today, 1966 Mustangs are all they do.  The product of a two-year development program, Revology started production of its 1966 Mustangs in late 2015.  The company has sold twenty 1966 Mustangs already and has a six-month wait to get new cars into production.  All Revology production cars are built to order, so it is unusual for them to have a vehicle available for sale.    

PRICE: $165,625.00

Available April 2017  (SOLD) 


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