Revology’s world first Mustang replica goes into production


August 1, 2015 – Orlando, FL – After revealing a concept for the world’s first replica Mustang to widespread acclaim, Revology Cars has started production of the first customer cars.

Revology Cars, the Florida-based specialty automobile manufacturer, has moved into a new, state of the art production facility in Orlando.

Global media and public response to the unveiling of the Revology Mustang at the Amelia Island concours in March was outstanding, notes Tom Scarpello, Revology founder and CEO.

“Now it is very exciting to hit our next milestone, the start of production” says Scarpello. “The team has worked very hard to make this happen. Launching a new car company is a significant achievement.”

Although production has only just begun, Revology is already working on an order backlog. “We were overwhelmed with the customer response since the reveal of our concept car in March, but needed the past several months to complete all of the development work and gear up for production,” adds Scarpello. “Luckily, our customers have been very patient as we methodically follow these steps.”


Revology has released the final production specification, which features several variations from the concept car that made headlines at the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance in March. The company announced that it will produce two versions of the ’65-66 Mustang replica, the Premium, and the GT. “The Premium version is a well-balanced car, with excellent performance yet with a supple ride and isolation from road noise. The GT is for customers who are willing to trade off a little comfort for increased performance,” says Dan Maas, Revology’s technical director. “When you have a Mustang with the power-to-weight ratio of a Ferrari F355, you need a capable chassis to harness that performance.”

Within the Premium and GT lines, there are several configurations so that virtually anyone can create the Mustang of their dreams. Complete information, including pricing, can be found in the Premium and GT Order Forms and Equipment Packages and Options Guide on the Revology website at


Revology will gradually ramp-up production over the next 12 months or so. By next year, the company expects to be delivering three units per month, to customers around the world. “The first Revology Mustang is a triple-black ’66 convertible with the Coyote 5.0L engine, destined for a customer in Ethiopia,” says Scarpello. “Right now, 40 percent of our production is going overseas. Enthusiasts worldwide love the Mustang, and they love what we’re doing with it.”

Please call (800) 974-4463 or visit for details.

About Revology Cars

As the name implies, Revology focuses on automotive “re-engineering” and “evolution”. The concept behind the company is to bring a scientific approach to the redesign of classic automobiles, utilizing modern components and manufacturing processes to improve their performance, reliability, durability, fuel economy, safety, and comfort, while retaining their essential character and style.

In addition to brand new replica vehicles, Revology offers renewals of original classic vehicles, as well as rolling chassis and component kits. Revology Cars, Inc. is based in Orlando, Florida.

For further information contact: John McCormick. Email: Tel: (734) 604-4768

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