January 2019

Record $2.2 million price paid for an original Mustang highlights appeal of Revology Cars’ Mustang line-up

Prices of original classic cars are soaring and with it the appeal of the range of reproduction, first generation Ford Mustangs made by Revology Cars.

Underscoring the trend is the extraordinary $2.2 million price recently paid for a 1967 Shelby GT500 Super Snake at a Mecum auction, the highest price ever for a Mustang.

By contrast, the value proposition of a Revology Mustang, at less than a 10th of the Super Snake price, seems like a screaming deal.

“It is exciting to see these high valuations for original Mustangs,” says Tom Scarpello, CEO and founder of Revology Cars, the renowned Orlando, FL-based manufacturer of reproduction original Ford Mustangs. “on the other hand, for this money, you could buy seven new 1967 Revology GT500s, one for every day of the week, and still have over $500,000 in your pocket.”

Overall, the business of reproducing original classic cars that look virtually identical but are equipped with new powertrains, suspension, brakes and electrical systems is picking up pace. And Revology Cars, now with 26 cars delivered priced from $170,070 to $227,760, is emerging as a leader in the industry.

“Our cars have been very well received by our customers as well as the expert automotive media, who all recognize the quality, craftsmanship, and engineering that goes into creating a Revology Mustang,” adds Scarpello.