August 2019

A 3000-mile cross country adventure in a Revology Shelby GT500

A 3000-mile cross country adventure in a Revology Shelby GT500
Car #49 – The Revology 1967 Shelby GT500 in Acapulco Blue

How dependable are Revology Cars’ reproduction original Ford Mustangs? Just ask Arthur Smith, who drove his brand new reproduction 1967 Mustang GT500 on a meandering journey from Revology’s Orlando, Florida manufacturing plant, to the Mustang Owner’s Museum in Charlotte, to his home in northern California.

Making such a trip is a venture many owners of original classic cars might think twice about, given the chances of mechanical problems or related issues.

But Smith had no doubts about the reliability of his brand new Revology GT500, which is equipped with a Roush prepared 600-hp supercharged V-8 motor. With his wife and daughter on board, Smith enjoyed a trouble-free drive back to California. Said Smith, “During the entire trip, I felt like I was driving a later model Shelby, except I got even more thumbs up and big smiles than usual.”

For Tom Scarpello, founder of Revology Cars, the story of Smith’s cross-country trek in a GT500 is a pleasing endorsement of the company’s dedication to quality in every element of the production process, and the embodiment of the company’s philosophy that its cars are meant to be driven.

“It’s great that one of our customers decided to make such a long journey and demonstrate a key attraction of our vehicles – you can enjoy the look and charm of an original Ford Mustang but with the dependability and convenience features of a modern car,” said Tom Scarpello, Revology’s founder and CEO. “Our cars are built to be driven. We want our customers to feel confident and comfortable driving their cars any distance in any conditions, just like they would any other car. At Revology, quality and reliability are just as important as craftsmanship and performance.”