March 2020

Stunning 710hp Revology Cars ’67 Shelby GT500 debuts at 2020 Amelia Island Concours

Orlando, FL (March 2020) – On the fifth anniversary of Revology Cars’ debut at the Amelia Island Concours D’Elegance, the renowned Florida manufacturer of reproduction original Ford Mustangs is back with its most powerful Mustang yet.

To be unveiled at Amelia on Saturday March 7 at 9:30 am, Revology’s latest 1967 Shelby GT500 packs the new Roush-developed RSC 5.0L Gen 3 supercharged V8 engine, producing no less than 710hp and 610 lb-ft of torque. That’s up to 110 hp and 135 lb-ft from the prior version.

Indeed, the new engine moves the Revology GT500 squarely into supercar territory, with a weight to power ratio approaching that of the Ferrari 488. However, according to Revology founder and CEO, Tom Scarpello, the company’s latest 1967 Shelby GT500 is not only a thrill to drive, it is also easy to live with. “This engine makes prodigious power, and the car is blindingly quick. But even around town, it feels special, with the V8 burbling and crackling on deceleration. In the end, you don’t buy one of these to go from point A to B as fast as possible, you buy it for the experience. The Revology Shelby GT500 delivers a driving experience like no other car.”

The Revology/ Roush relationship dates back to the late 1990s, when Revology Founder and CEO Tom Scarpello worked extensively with Roush in his role with the Ford Special Vehicle Team. Since Revology Cars launched in 2014, Roush has been Revology’s sole supplier of high performance supercharged production engines.

As a vehicle manufacturer and OEM supplier, Roush has a depth of engineering capability unmatched in the aftermarket. The new Roush RSC 5.0L Gen 3 supercharged engine benefits from this capability, featuring an engine calibration derived from countless hours of engine dynamometer testing, durability testing, cold and hot weather trips and varying altitude trips.

The new engine has several features that enhance power and torque, while maintaining production-level drivability and durability.

For example, Roush’s latest supercharger, the TVS 2650, takes superchargers to the next level, with improved airflow, isentropic efficiency and lower discharge temperatures.

Custom made for the 5.0L DIPI (Direct Injection Port Injection) Ti-VCT engine, the cast aluminum intake packages all of the requirements for an integrated charge air cooler and manifold in one part.

The stand-alone water to air intercooler system helps with maintaining consistent air charge temperatures and delivering peak performance on demand.

Higher-flow injectors meet increased performance demands and retain everyday drivability.

From Revology’s perspective, the company’s heavy-duty driveline, standard on supercharged applications, is good for up to 750hp, so the primary focus for the RSC 5.0L Gen 3 was on packaging. The RSC 5.0L Gen 3 features a significantly larger intercooler than the previous version, which necessitated a complete rethink to the cooling system.

A larger radiator with dual electric fans handles the increased cooling requirements while allowing fitment of the larger intercooler. The intercooler pump is located on the right hand frame rail and two reservoirs, an upper and a lower, are packaged on the radiator and in the right front fender, respectively.

The engine breathes through an open element filter that draws cool air in from outside the engine bay through a pre-filter, which is also used on Revology’s naturally aspirated Gen 3 air intake assembly.

Thoughtful packaging allows this thoroughbred engine to perform up to its full capability. “There is a lot more to packaging than just making things fit,” says Aaron Wright, Revology’s chief engineer. “To extract the full performance capability of the engine, it must have proper intake airflow, engine cooling, supercharger intercooling, oil cooling and fuel supply. If not, it may run, but performance will be compromised.”

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Stunning 710hp Revology Cars '67 Shelby GT500 debuts at 2020 Amelia Island Concours

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