August 2018

Revology Mustangs and Shelby GTs Enter 2019 Model Year with Powertrain and Equipment Upgrades

Orlando, FL (Aug 2018) – An exciting range of powertrain, suspension and trim upgrades raise the appeal of Revology Cars’ renowned reproduction Ford Mustangs and Shelby GTs higher than ever for the 2019 model year.

“The 2019 model year Revology Mustangs and Shelby GTs are better than ever,” said Revology Founder and CEO, Tom Scarpello.  “Since we started this company almost five years ago, we have worked continuously to improve and refine our products.  The result is a remarkable blend of performance, reliability, drivability, comfort and safety.”

Leading the list of improvements is a series of upgrades to the powertrain. Under the hood, the third generation Coyote engine boasts 460hp and 420lb-ft torque, vs. 435/400 in the Gen 2 version.  The increased power comes from additional displacement, higher flow cylinder heads, a higher redline (7500rpm), a new intake manifold, higher compression, and a “dual fuel” system that combines direct and port injection.  The Gen 3 Coyote is available with a manual transmission, while the automatic transmission cars continue with the Gen 2 Coyote backed by the smooth shifting Ford 6R80 six-speed automatic with integrated OEM Ford control module.

While Revology cars are notable for their level of craftsmanship, fit and finish and attention to detail, what really sets them apart is the way they drive.  To further improve the driving experience, Revology has worked hard to reduce noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH).  For 2019, Revology has replaced the venerable Ford 9-inch rear end in favor of the modern Ford 8.8-inch axle.  This new axle reduces gear noise significantly compared to its predecessor and is more refined.  “The 8.8 has more than enough strength for all of our applications plus the quietness and smoothness of a modern ring and pinion,” said Aaron Wright, Revology’s Chief Engineer.  “It is a huge improvement.”  The standard 8.8” axle is a 31-spline with Eaton Truetrac limited slip differential.  Supercharged applications receive a 33-spline axle with 1350 yoke, also with Truetrac and a finned aluminum cover prepped for a differential cooler.

Boosting the fun-to-drive factor, Revology has revised the pedal package to reduce clutch pedal effort and also to better position the brake and gas pedal for heel and toe downshifting.  The supercharged cars receive a new twin-disc clutch, which provides increased clamping force without increased pedal effort.

In terms of vehicle dynamics, the front suspension geometry has been revised to improve on-center feel. At the rear, the suspension has been modified to provide increased travel. This change delivers better ride quality while maintaining excellent handling feel.

Revology has answered a call from clients for even higher performance levels with a new Pro Touring package. This package is available in four levels, which add increasingly higher performance, greater adjustability and provide higher durability for competition use.  The Pro Touring packages Level 3 and 4 include a new AP Racing brake system, which delivers exceptional stopping power and fade resistance.  The wheel line-up now includes two Forgeline options, which are required with the AP Racing brake package.

For 2019, comfort and convenience have not been overlooked, as all Revology Mustang and Shelby GTs now come standard with a full-length console that has a storage area with leather covered armrest, dual cupholders, and redundant power window and door lock switches.  A standard seven-inch touchscreen is located in the console on 1967-68 models.  The optional entertainment system now features JL Audio component speakers, a 10-inch subwoofer, and an 800w Class D amplifier.  All 2019 models also feature a factory onboard 4.5-amp trickle charger with a magnetic contact under the rear bumper, which makes it simple for clients to ensure their battery is always fully charged even when the car is left in storage for an extended period.  Safety is further enhanced with standard LED head and fog lamps (if equipped), and an onboard Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is now available.

Two new appearance options are available on the 1966 Mustang GT convertible and fastback; first, the new Avant Garde appearance package provides a distinctive look while retaining the character of the original Mustang design.  There is also an option to make the vehicle appear as a ‘65 model with the 1965 grille and fuel cap.

Base pricing on the 2019 Revology Cars range has increased an average of four percent, reflecting added standard equipment and materials costs increases.

“We are very excited about the 2019 product lineup,” says Scarpello.  “We’ve increased the performance of our vehicles but at the same time improved comfort, drivability and the overall refinement.  They are extremely well-built, reliable and fun-to-drive, and also very exclusive, unlike anything else on the market today.”

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Revology Mustangs and Shelby GTs Enter 2019 Model Year with Powertrain and Equipment Upgrades

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